Maybelline’s Summer Essentials

I actually pictured myself whacking the hot sun and sending it behind the clouds.Well,that’s not possible so lets try and beat it in a race and stay cool this summer. Summer plays havoc… Continue reading

#FunwithU the Vodafone Way

  Its time to celebrate the spirit of youth and to cater holistically to its big need for being always connected, Vodafone India was going to  announce a unique proposition ‘Vodafone ‘U’ – a first… Continue reading

True Tramm Fun at True Tramm Trunk

Hi everyone, I had the opportunity to visit  True Tramm trunk  on the special invite by FBAI. We were all there for a fun evening and an amazing time. An honest confession, I… Continue reading

The ‘A to Z’ of Bandra Eateries.

The ‘Queen of the Suburbs’, that’s how Bandra is described, and rightly so! Bandra is thriving with life, cheer and the happy vibe! Everyone around loves this suburb just like me. It is… Continue reading

Parsi Style ‘Akuri’

The Bawa- Eedu Love Affair. When in doubt, break an eedu (egg) on it, is the Parsi motto of cooking. Anything and everything can be made with an egg. Popular among Parsis is… Continue reading

Godrej Expert Rich Crème HairColour

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to colouring your hair. Hair colouring can be done to either cover your grey strands or to change your look on the whole. When experimenting… Continue reading

The Happy Homes Blog Launch

There is nothing in the world as sweet as a home. “East or West, home is the best” as the saying goes. Home is the symbol of strength and beauty. However for most… Continue reading

Magnificient Mediterra

Happy to be a Bandraite and experience new dining places in Bandra. Yes, Mediterra is the new entrant in the fine dining restaurant category. Situated  opposite Marks & Spencer on Hill Road in… Continue reading

The Great Annual Baaya Design Sale

People do get excited to go to a gallery, meet an artist in person and experience a work of art. Well its the same with me whenever I visit Baaya Design, a home… Continue reading

Emerging Triumphant with Triumph

A week ago, I had the incredible honor and privilege of being invited to a ‘Bloggers Meet’ on 3rd February at the Jade Room, Hyatt Regency. This event was by Triumph, one of… Continue reading