The New Whisper Ultra Bloggers Meet

So where was I going on Saturday 19th December?
Any Guesses!!
Yes, to the St Regis hotel for a  “Discuss Out Loud Bloggers Handout” Exclusive bloggers Meet. In short to discuss about period problems during those five days of the month which we women encounter.
Wow!! SweetAnnu just got bold and beautiful discussing that sensitive topic. So read on ….

The Invite

This pretty invite came home in an unique basket with labelled flags. Innovative and  different, encouraging and motivating. I was all set to attend with my sweetpea daughter Zenia Irani. We were asked to wear green and white. It was great to see the blogger community taken effort to dress for the occasion.





On stage



1) Aditi Mittal – Up first she popped on stage bursting with energy, cracking those jokes on periods making the crowd go GA-ga over her comic timing.


2) Kalki Koechlin– This gorgeous diva came up next looking so pretty in white and green. She interacted and answered and spoke all about period taboos. There were  audio visuals and presentations on period problem.



3. Gynaecologist Dr Nandita Palshetkar – She showcased her expertise on menstruation. She also explained the  importance of keeping  track of ones  periods. Eating healthy food and  doing  normal exercises during periods should be practiced too.

4.Chetan Kotyalkar– The specialist from Whisper, Chetan demonstrates how Whisper helps you
The all new Whisper Ultra Clean  is 5 times better than any regular pad available in the market.




He explained through a demo the advantages of using new Whisper. Whisper being….
1, More absorption for long hours.
2. Better dryness for clean feeling.
3. Faster absorption for heavy flow.
4.Better comfort with top soft sheet.
5. Better Odour lock.


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The Fun that followed

Each one of us wrote our pledge on a pad and posted on the wall. It could be what you plan to do to #ownthose5days or an encouraging note to other women.


We also performed a  team task  in the form of physical activity with a sporting spirit. Three cheers to the gang number 6.


Kalki obliged with interviews and pictures. Her bindaas attitude made me her instant fan.


We were all set for some deliciousness now. There was an assortment of finger food, sandwiches and yummy desserts to suit each ones taste and liking.
Now we were a team of bloggers who were ready to spread the awareness of New Whisper Ultra Clean. We can now conquer the world even during menstruation. There was a take away gift for all those who attended .


Thank you to the team of Whisper and Blogmint for this fun, informative and unique experience. And to the host St Regis for their hospitality.

Check outmore details on their social media Handles.




Hey friends you can try the sample here :