The Great Annual Baaya Design Sale

People do get excited to go to a gallery, meet an artist in person and experience a work of art. Well its the same with me whenever I visit Baaya Design, a home décor store, Lower Parel, Mumbai. This time an Bloggers Meet event was held at Baaya Design, to showcase The Baaya’s Great Annual Sale.

About Baaya
Baaya Designs has been founded by Ms Shibani Jain six years ago. Baaya is depicted  by an indian weaver bird that is unique in the way it builds its nest showcasing nicely crafted spaces. it conserves traditional artisans skills through innovative design inputs. Baaya displays the best of art done by master artisans from across India.These paintings include the authentic and signature master pieces,varieties of cultural art, artifacts and accessories, some of which will be on sale now.

tree of life

The Eternal Tree of Life is considered a strong positive influence in any environment.


The Event
The Store was all set for the annual sale. It was aesthetically and beautifully adorned with artifacts and paintings.The Feeling was fabulous on entering this bright vibrant store After taking a few pictures we were seated for a talk and introduction from Ms Shibani Jain.


We checked out many art forms from different states. Some of which I had never heard of before.This painting below is the Bengal Scroll painting form.

Rogan Art- This is a stick art where the artisan uses pigments and paints one side, then folds it to get the perfect symmetry. Then fills it with more details and colour.

Did a round of more pictures and gathered more insight on the the various lesser art forms of our country. I felt really proud of what Baaya Design is doing.

I just didn’t know where to look. Each piece of art was on sale from 10% to 50% discount.


Just wanted to take them all home to redecorate my living space in a grand way.


A beautiful painting on the wall can transform the entire look of your home. The painting below is a leather Kalamkari.



This fabulous piece of furniture crafted from Burma teak with an original Orrisa Patachitra painting is on 50% discount.

The Annual Sale

Baaya’s Great Annual Sale and explore hand crafted artifacts, made by master artisans available at incredible prices. The stunning range on sale includes designer furniture, black pottery & hand painted glass serve ware, wooden & stone artefacts and more!

Here are some of the fabulous pieces on Sale that caught my eye.

Place a cheerful Warli painting to bring in the warmth into your home. Choose from their large variety of art forms. Life can be celebrated with our Own traditions in the most interesting way at Baaya Design.

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