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Always Game for Fun and Adventure

Always Game for Fun and Adventure

I am totally  passionate about traveling and touring to new destinations around the world. Having been bitten by the travel bug I want to explore more and more every time. People don’t recognize the importance and outlook in travelling. It’s very essential to educate ourselves and know the countries around us and the different cultures and traditions. One of the principal values of travelling is that, it breaks the monotony of life and work. I love to travel by road to lesser known destinations and explore local cuisine and places of interest. Doing something offbeat and totally different from the regular tourist agenda.


Blessed to have have traveled to loads of places in my childhood as my Father was a Captain with an Indian Shipping Company. I owe my travel enthusiasm to him. Lots of new places keep adding to my bucket list. People generally dream about the place they want to see. They always wanted to go to that place that can provide them peace and comfort. All people have dream destinations in their life. So do I…..
Some of my travel stories can be read on clicking the links below.
Stay happy and travel on people because thats the best thing you can do in life. We all have one life to live, isn’t it?
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Lots more to add here as my journey has just begun………