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Chase away your blues with Bohemian Brew

I am always on the look out for new eateries in and around my vicinity. Not wanting to repeat any of the places we had visited before, made me readily accept the invitation to review the newly opened Bohemian Brew at Khar.

A little about Bohemian Brew

Bohemian Brew is an all new Tea cum Sheesha destination in Khar, which promises to serve the best variety of tea with sheesha along with a menu that has Mediterranean and Continental dishes to savour. The place looks fresh and inviting with artistic, pretty decor that will definitely get you to smile. The Co owner/Chef Rahul Desai passionately showed us around the restaurant which covered the dining area, sheesha, tea lounge and an exclusive cosy corner. I was very impressed with his tea collection and his colour coded test tubes of teas across the Tea bar. The cosy corner was more private for diners who wish to read, play board games or want to work over a cuppa tea. But the best part was outdoors, the music, the lighting and the overall vibe has to be experienced.

The Menu

We were all set to savour some of the best dishes on the menu.


1. Watermelon & Feta Salad – The might of freshness was proven again, with the watermelon and feta salad standing out as the clear winner. Loved the zing of Thai chilli and infused vodka in the dish took it to another level.


2. Tea Leaf Salad – This salad was a colourful treat with a bunch fermented edible tea leaves, topped with roasted peanuts, fried garlic and tomatoes, a true mark of a good salad.


3. Zahtar Spiced Chicken – Beautifully marinated and grilled chunks of chicken served with a delectable lemon corriander dip. Tempting enough to be wiped off completely.


4. Falafel with Hummus – So smooth and refreshing, this hummus is one of the best I have had till date. Take a bow, Chef Rahul Desai.


5. Chicken Meatballs in Gouda Cheese Sauce – Tender moist Chicken meatballs were engulfed with a sauce made with buttery Gouda cheese along with fresh baked baguette.


6. Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil – Perfectly creamy Risotto was topped with mushrooms, garnished with chive sticks and truffle oil. Not my favourite dish of the day nonetheless very enjoyable.


7. Tagine Chicken – Got the taste of Morocco on a pretty, ethnic designed plate while digging into Tagine Chicken. It was a magical dish with apricots and topped with preserved lemon. This dish had complexity of flavours, sweet and spicy with the sourness from the lemon.


8. Herbal Hibuscus Infusion  – The grand finale to our dining experience at the Bohemian Brew was the outstanding, stunning Herbal Hibuscus Infusion. The taste of  rich red cup of aromatic flavours left us refreshed and invigorated.

Final Verdict

Will I visit Bohemian Brew again?? Oh yes!! Definitely with my friends. Its worth a visit to chase away your blues. 🙂

Open daily, from 9am to 1am.
Bohemian Brew,
Shop No.1,
Mahesh Apartment,
5th Road, off S. V. Road,
Next to Noble Chemist,
Khar. Tel: 96999 58582.

Kangan presents flavours of North India

Food is a journey where every bite takes you closer to the final destination which is heavenly bliss. Recently I was at the Kangan,  a Indian fine dining restaurant at Westin- Goregaon – http://www.westinmumbaigardencity.com/
I experienced  a soul satisfying gourmet feast curated  by their chief Chef Angad Rai. Read on for more………

Kangan, The jewel at Westin


The Ambience
A chilled out place for fine dining, there was an instant feeling of comfort on entering the restaurant. Though it was dimly lit, I was relaxed knowing the dining experience will be an unforgettable one. And yes, Kangan lived upto my expectations. Though the music playing was indian the interior didn’t overdo the Indian look. Situated  on the 18th floor, just overlooking the western express highway Kangan offers probably one of the best views of the Mumbai, a city  that never sleeps and is always on the go.


Meeting Chef Angad Rai
A  pleasant warm personality, Chef Angad Rai has taken over to revamp the menu at  Kangan restaurant. He greeted us with a warm Namaste, asking us our preference in food ensuring us to serve the most delectable indian dishes in which he specializes in.
All evening we noticed him personally cooking up in the open kitchen with his team and visiting tables to get feedback on dishes served. Chef Angad, Take a bow as you made Kangan the talk of the town, giving diners a fabulous Indian fine dinning experience.

The Food we savoured that day
The new menu looked interesting enough to taste all the dishes.

saag 4

Serving us a delectable platter of assorted tikkas and kababs. Each one was unique in taste and had a flavourful story to tell. Listing them in Sweetannu’s order of preference.

  1. Khatti Jheenga- Kaffir lime leaves marinated tiger prawns cooked in tandoor
  2. Chaas Murgh tikka- Spiced Buttermilk infused chicken morsels cooked in tandoo
  3. Kakori Kabab- Melt in mouth seekh kebab mixed with Awadhi spices cooked in tandoor
  4. Habibiya tawa Ghosth- Melt in mouth seekh kebab mixed with Awadhi spices cooked in tandoor
  5. Nadru Shikampuri- Braised lotus stem patties, stuffed with spiced raw mango and pan seared

    Main Course:
    My experience says I should go easy on the main course as North Indian dishes are full of cream and are comparatively heavy. However wrong again, as I didn’t find much in gravies served. I was enveloped by the aroma and enjoyed each colourful dish on the table. Listing them again in my personal preference as per my taste and liking.

    1. Kukkad Tariwala- Home style chicken curry.
    2.Sasranga korma- hand pullled kasmiri lamb preparation.
    3. Murg Awadh Korma-  Chicken cooked with awadh spices.
    4. Purvanchal saag- Fresh leafy greens tempered with cumin and garlic chives.
    5. Khatti  Machhli- Pompret  cooked in red onions and tangy tomatoes.


    And a special mention to the Daal Kangaan that is a must have for everyone. The magic is in the slow cooked lentils and tomatoes finished with white butter


    The breads served up that night were very special too.
    1. Warqi Paratha- This flakey paratha complimented all the gravy main course dishes making then finger licking worthy.
    2. Zaffrani Taftan- This slightly sweetened flatbread being enriched with saffron and milk was something I have never savoured before, so soft it just melted away in the mouth.


Ending off the main course with Murg Dumm Biryaani. The aromas engulfed my senses as the pot opened. Soft pieces of chicken served up with perfectly cooked and tempered rice. Kudos Chef Angad!! 🙂


Who can end a meal without savouring some indian sweets? And when asked I couldn’t refuse the Ras malai. It was sweet yet light with that refreshing saffron taste, loaded with dry fruits.

In a nutshell:

Enjoy Kangan with all its deliciousness Chef Angad has to offer with a fabulous  view of Amchi Mumbai
Call 9004496577 for Reservations

( Sweetannu was invited to dine at Kangan. The views are unbiased and entirely her own.)










Presenting Presto Lunches

Oh Yes, I love to fine dine at five star restaurants. Who doesn’t ?  Last Saturday I went to The Trident- BKC for Lunch. I was there to try out #prestolunches, a three course Italian meal at Botticino, their Sleek contemporary dining room serving  traditional Italian cuisine .


The Beautiful reception

A warm and inviting reception,  a huge spacious interior, elegant and clean ambience, neat and tidy tables,  charming and courteous staff made the Botticino the perfect place to fine dine for me that afternoon.

Presto Lunches

The Presto Lunches menu at Botticino  is a three course elaborate spread with a number of options to pick from for Rs. 990/- plus tax. You can call and book a table from Monday-Saturday for lunch.

2012-01-01 01.02.53
Freshly baked breads

Items on the Menu.

Coming to the food we started with the appetizers. I tried the highly recommended Beetroot Tartare with orange spheres and beetroot macaroons. A visual treat served up with sweet flavours, refreshing and enjoyable to my palate.


Fresh and sweet appetizer.

My companion for the afternoon Shimareet Bhasin, Communications Manager at the Trident seemed to be enjoying her Black pepper chicken served up with mash and grape reduction.



For Mains I wanted to try the Red Snapper. This Poached Red Snapper was such a healthy option for main course. It was cooked in a glass jar with exotic vegetables, orange juice, and prawn stock. Served on a bed of potato mash mixed with olives and basil. This simple dish had no spices yet full of flavours.




Shimareet had the Angel Hair shrimp pasta with olive oil, garlic and parsley. I enjoyed seeing her slurping it up with delight.


The meal ended on a sweet note with us both indulging in chocolate.

The Chocolate Feuillant- Spectacular to look, smooth and rich to taste


I had the Costa hazelnut- Dark Chocolate mousse & hazelnut cremeaux

However right from the time we entered to the end I would only say one thing that Presto Lunches  over exceeded my expectation.


Food – 4.5/5

Menu – 4/5

Service – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4.5/5

VFM – 4/5

Will SweetAnnu visit again? …YES!! For sure. Its Total paisa vasool. Come on!! Gang of Girls lets fine dine and enjoy Presto Lunches at The Trident 🙂


True Tramm Fun at True Tramm Trunk

Hi everyone,
I had the opportunity to visit  True Tramm trunk  on the special invite by FBAI. We were all there for a fun evening and an amazing time. An honest confession, I was here for the FBAI Quiz. The last time I had missed it and this time I was hell bound to experience the madness and check out my food quotient.

The Place:
One flight up, True Tramm Trunk is situated in a shopping complex in Juhu. I got an initial feel of ‘work in progress’ till I was greeted by this giant sized Indian lady coyly doing a ‘Namaste pose’. A huge long bar with some peppy music welcomed me. Have I been here before? Coz it looked like any other bar with  filament bulbs, half done brick wall, and quirky graffiti. However I was thrilled to meet my fellow food bloggers after a long time.

The Event:
It was a  FBAI (Food Bloggers Association of India) Soiree with Turning Point Sangria. Did you know that the Sangria is the largest selling cocktail in India? Yay! I am one of that  true Indians who loves her Sangria.  Quite impressed with the two types of Turning Point Sangria, the white Sangria and Metropolitan, the Red Sangria. This  whole idea of “Sangria in a bottle” amazed me. The bottle was such a good looking one designed by Rabia Gupta as we were told by Turning Point owner and founder Mr Ashwin Deo.

The Food and Drinks:
My favorite drink of the night, and a favorite with a lot of the others was the Metropolitan, SweetAnnu loves it sweet. Quirky cocktails in pint size bottles did the rounds. Took a sip of ‘Gulabo’ and it really got the ‘zarra Ittar faela do’ feel in me. Wanted to get up and dance. The food here is your typical bar food – snacky and goes well paired with booze. Most of all, I enjoyed the thin crust pizzas and piping hot fish fingers.



The Quiz:
But the best part of the evening was the #FBAI QUIZ. We all were randomly divided into teams. My team members were Nishkala, Salonee, Vaniitha Jain, Amrith Padmanand and Me 🙂 We were actually Team E but by default we got to be Team D. Check out our cosy corner, we just didn’t want to move.

Strategies were planned, to discuss before answering, whisper and not shout and the best one- a signature step if we won a question. The Quiz masters Saher and Alok did a brilliant job on asking the questions. Each team gave it their best. Most questions were answered by Nishkala who has a vast food knowledge. I always seemed to know the answers to the questions asked to the other teams. It was a nail biting finish during buzzer round, one answer decided the winning team. No prizes for guessing who won, It was Team C and not us, however we did emerge the runner ups. Prizes were given to both the teams. Hampers filled with Sangria for all those who attended too 🙂

Final words : The true tramm fun at True Tramm trunk had to be the quiz, it was the cherry on the cake. A fabulous evening spent with FBAI team, Thanks Sameer and Salloni, for yet another successful FBAI bloggers Meet. And yes, Sangria is definitely my favourite potent.
Cheers & Au revior. Until we meet again.

Magnificient Mediterra

Happy to be a Bandraite and experience new dining places in Bandra. Yes, Mediterra is the new entrant in the fine dining restaurant category. Situated  opposite Marks & Spencer on Hill Road in Hotel Metro Plaza. Its a rooftop restaurant having outdoor and indoor seating space, offering Mediterranean cuisine. Dishes from the mix of Mediterranean world, Greece, Italy, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain,Turkey its all on the menu.


The ambience is lovely with it’s white washed walls, turquoise interior and mood lighting. It has neat tables and cushion back chairs. Looked like a  romantic place for couples and a good place to entertain friends/family. Some slow catchy music was playing that evening. I was excited and all set to savour some Mediterranean cuisine.

Bread basket with sauces:
We started with the  complementary bread basket that came with Grissini, toasted pita, focaccia, soft roll and pita bread and some tasty dips, hummus, herbed butter, olives and sundried tomatoes. Pita bread and focaccia were soft and made the start of out meal very enjoyable.


 Crumbled Fish:
THis dish had Basa fish which was coated with an assorted of herbs and parmesan. This was oven baked, the fish had a medium spicy flavour, crispy exterior and flaky soft centre.


Middle eastern chicken kebabs:
This Chargrilled chicken marinated with yoghurt, paprika, cumin, cinnamon,crushed pepper and chilli flakes. The chicken had that smoky flavour but a bit unseasoned for my liking. I liked the crumbled fish flavours better.


The Palermo chicken pizza:
Topped with tomato, grilled chicken, broccoli, sun dried tomato and mozzarella on a thin crust base. This pizza was a treat visually as well as for the taste buds.


Lebanese roast chicken with ooze rice:
For mains we had the best dish of the evening. It was wood fired half skin chicken served on bed of lamb minced rice with buttered sauted veggies. It looked stunning and tasted different and delicious. I enjoyed the lamb rice, seasoned and spiced to perfection. Only wish the chicken was served boneless.


Hot Lava Lava: They always say save the best for last and indeed the Hot Lava lava cannot be missed. Infact its something I will come back for. A hot lava cake drenched in smooth chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. A perfect way to end a lovely meal.



The service was with a smile. Overall a great dining experience. SweetAnnu’s food card for Mediterra:
Presentation -3.5/5
Service -3/5
Ambience -4/5

Contact: 022-69455554

Address: 355,Hotel Metro Palace, Opp.Globus Mall, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

Facebook: mediterra

Twitter: @mediterramumbai

Timings: Lunch 12:30pm – 3:30pm &  Dinner 7pm – 11:30pm


A Mangii Morning is a Good Morning

Hey, So whats your breakfast Story? Well, If you ask me I have a long one to tell so sit back and savour some delicious breakfast fare with SweetAnnu.

 The Place

Cafe Mangii has been a  landmark location in Bandra for a long time now. A quiet dinner, entertaining guests or dining during special Xmas offers, this restaurant never fails to give its diners a feisty and unforgettable experience. We were in to try the New Breakfast Menu the restaurant has launched from 7th January and will be available from 8 AM to 12 PM every day.

The Menu 

It’s not often that you see a menu where you want to try all the dishes.  There’s everything from Eggs Benedict, that traditional English muffin topped with a delicious piece of ham and poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce to the Mangii Egg Decker, creamy spinach & truffle infused scrambled egg stacked over crisp Rosti potato. Breakfast favourites  like french toast and assortment of omelettes  are also included in the menu.
The Vegetarian fare from Baked beans with Chilli cheese toast to Mushroom Florentine give an equal competition in taste and presentation to the non vegetarian dishes on the menu. 


The Dishes we savoured
So I am ranking my favourite dishes in the order of my preference

1.Egg Benedict

Eggs poached to perfection, this dish was a winner.

2.Mangii Egg Decker

The creamy spinach was to die for.

3.Mushroom Florentine

The cheesy well cooked mushrooms was the highlight of this dish.

4.Baked Beans & Chilli toast

A perfect blend of baked beans with cheese toast was well enjoyed.

5.Nutella Sub

Chocolate Hazelnut and cream cheese came really well together with Blueberry compote.

6.Buttermilk Pancakes.

Well cooked and full of flavour. Yummy with that white butter.

7.Sweet Corn Potato Rosti

A okay dish in terms of taste but presentation rocked.

8.Peppery Smoked Pimentos

Smoked peppers did justice to the omelette. The sides with deep fried potatoes tasted alot like Allo Tuks.

9. Chili Cheese Molten

Cheesy cheesy all the way with that kick of chilly.

10. Cappuchino

Frothy and perfect cuppa cappuccino.

Photo credits- FBAI

11. The Juice Bar

Fresh juices with no added sugar

Not so favourites on the Menu

1.Fondant Leeks & Asparagus

The gram flour pancake was a wee bit undercooked.

2. Belguim Waffles

A tad bit dense and had an eggy flavour.


The Cafe Mangi’s  breakfast menu, is a gourmet affair and is available through the week.  Be prepared to entice your tastebuds and have the perfect start to your day.
Cafe Mangii
022 2649810, 022 26498000
022 25705139, 022 25705138


Going Bananas over Banana leaf


SweetAnnu was off  to have breakfast on Sunday, the most important meal of the day. This time round it was a taste of South Indian cuisine. Immediately coming to mind was sweet filter coffee, medu vadas  served with piping hot sambhars, neer dosas, hot hot upma and sheera.  I was so ready to feast like a king. This bloggers meet was arranged to  taste the breakfast Menu of Banana leaf. This restaurant exhibits the cultural richness of South India, right from their food and the serving of food on banana leaves.  Their food comprises the flavours from Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. The richness in their cuisine and flavour is exceptional and truly one of a kind!

The first impression of Banana Leaf 


You can never miss this restaurant on the main road after the Andheri West signal. It has a huge green interesting signage in front of the restaurant that catches your eye instantly. The restaurant is huge with both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. They have a TV installed in the AC section where they keep displaying the different dishes on menu along with their names. Wow!! I was drooling at all those appetizing dishes. The place has a  fine-dine appeal and kind of lives up to it.


The Banana Leaf Breakfast Menu
The breakfast menu is extensive ranging from health juices to hot beverages, idlis, vadas, dosas, upma, and sheera. Each item in the menu card tempting me to relish and not miss to taste it. The rates of the dishes are very reasonably priced and portion size quite adequate.
Filter coffee for just Rs 45/- and Semiya Upma priced at Rs 70/- .Read on for more exciting dishes on the Menu 🙂

jhh sas index beve

Finally getting to the tastingIMAG3790
We started by trying the health juices. Total health booster( apple, pear and cherry) and Super health( pear, apple, ginger, sweet lime, cinnamon) It was served fresh. However a bit pulpy and with no added sugar and ice didn’t work for my palate. The health freaks can certainly try it but don’t expect some thing very tasty. With those cubes of ice now added in our drink it felt just right.

The filter coffee is a must have here

Go for the filter coffee( Rs 45) or Bournvita ( Rs 50) instead. To get that nice freshly ground aroma of coffee and the kick of caffine. Bornvita and hot chocloate both lip smacking yummy.

Crispy and so so delicious

Now for the yummy breakfast. Mini medu vadas ( Rs 60) crispy, full of flavour and not raw from the centre. This was really delicious.


Rawa upma, Semiya Upma, were served piping hot, felt vert comforting and satisfying. Loved it with all the chutney accompaniments.


The regular sheera was to die for. With the perfect sweetness and added nuts I just couldn’t stop devouring into this delicacy.




Chickoo Sheera looked like a piece of art when it arrived at the table. The taste was good but I am not a fan of chickoo when it is cooked. I rather have a Chickoo milkshake or ice cream. Cooking chickoo changes the flavour.
Neer dosa and rawa dosa can be enjoyed with all your fingers with an assortment of three different types of chutneys ,all three of which have a unique taste.



The tomato Omelettes were flavoursome and well spiced but a little undercooked. However it had an interesting flavour and looked very appetizing.

Don’t ever miss this Walnut Halwa

We didn’t want to miss anything from the main menu so ordered a Walnut Halwa. OMG !! Thank God we ordered it. It was the wow dish of the day.
On the whole Banana leaf should be visited by all with their families to savour good south Indian breakfast . Worth the visit on Sunday morning.


 SweetAnnu’s Final Report card

Ambience – 4/5 ( one mark cut for the repetitive instrumental music)
Taste – 4.5/5
Price- 4/5
Staff – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5
Filter Coffee- 5/5

Banana Leaf

Shubham CHS,
Opposite Vikram Petrol Pump,
Juhu Versova Link Road, 7 Bungalows,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400057.

Tel : 022 26239999, 022 26289090, 022 26709999, +91 9930488080
Email : info@bananaleafindia.com

( SweetAnnu was invited to review the Breakfast menu and dined there on invitation)

Lets Fine Dine at “The Punjab Grill”

Its summer time and Mumbai can get really hot and sultry, simply draining you out. You just want to live on juices and palti Chaas the whole day. It was at this time I got an invite from Punjab Grill and FBAI to check out their new Summer Menu and have a Connoisseur’s Experience at their newly opened outlet in Andheri West. I am not a big fan of Punjabi food except for butter Chicken and Garlic Naan which I can gobble if given every day. None the less, invitation accepted, all set for  the scrumptious summer surprise.

The E invite
The E invite
The Summer Special Menu
The Summer Special Menu

A little about Punjab Grill
Punjab Grill has branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Singapore and Mumbai- This branch of Punjab Grill is newly opened, they are also planning to open branches in Bangkok and Dubai in the near future.

The Punjab Grill Restaurant entrance
A warm welcome to us bloggers

You can never miss the huge well lit, friendly signage of Punjab grill. The hostesses greeted me at the reception with a pretty floral gajra, she tied to my wrist and gracefully took pictures, guiding me to the  banquet room where my fellow foodie bloggers were seated.

The View of the Bar- Photo credit Captain Rish

Lighting was so pretty, lamps hanging from the ceiling, classic interior and tasteful decor. The ambience is nice and welcoming, the staff were very courteous and helpful. Once seated I was very  comfortable. I especially loved the white crockery and all that good cutlery laid out on the table. It was gonna be a real pleasure to fine dine at the Punjab Grill.

Flower Power to everyone
CFD88lVVIAAwy_c.jpg large
Punjab Grill Coaster

We were all here to savour and flavour the ” Summer Special Menu”. So here goes the food review.
Quality quantity and taste are 3 things I look at when it comes to food. Punjab Grill has a high ranking in all three categories.

Refreshing Jamun Iced Tea

1) Jamum Iced Tea-  We were served a Jamum Iced tea. It was so refreshing on the first sip that I forgot the Mumbai Heat. There was no added sweetener and the actual pulp and taste of jamun came gushing to my palate through the straw.

Pickled Olive Bhel

2) Pickled Olive Bhel- Very cute and colourful to look at, it was served in a little tea glass with a wooden spoon.  The taste was different and quite enjoyable. A tad bit chewy for my liking.


Tandoori Guchchi and mixed Lettuce salad

3) Tandoori Guchchi, mixed Lettuce Salad with Burani Raita Dressing- Now this dish made my eyes pop and excite me like a little child. It had such pleasing flavours and melted away in the mouth. The taste, crunch and whole dish in totality I enjoyed immensely .

Norwegian Salmon Tikka

4) Norwegian Salmon Tikka-  Uff,  Maar daala! When cut open it blushed a deep pink conveying to me how perfectly cooked it would be. Oh Yes!!  It was. Kudos to the chef on this delectable dish. 🙂

Tava Grilled Prawns

5) Tava Grilled Prawns- This superbly presented dish was cooked to perfection. The spices were embalmed into the Jhinga and yet another spectacular dish of the evening.

Chaamp Taajdar

6) Chaamp Taajdar- The name suggests Lamb chops, yes but may I add that this flavour of smokiness and the tenderness of the meat was par excellence. The chef added on how it had been slow cooking for 24 hours. Truly this dish can be ordered again on my next visit. The chef gets a 10 on 10 from this foodie Teacher.

Malai Murg Tikka

7) Malai Murg Tikka – These tikkas were the most amazing tender tikkas I have had in a long long time.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Tava Asparagus

7) Vegetarian Starters- The tandoori Paneer, Stuffed mushrooms  and Tawa Asparagus were well enjoyed by my Vegetarian foodie Friend Aishwariya and vouched for the well balanced taste and smooth texture.  She was digging into her plate in spite of being stuffed after a heavy lunch. That speaks volumes about the dishes.

Its Selfie time

By now We were all stuffed with appetizers and starters. Time for some gupshup, selfie and enjoying the foot tapping music that was playing. The servers kept changing the cutlery and refilling our glasses. The Raw Mango Sorbet was served up. It was tangy and that added crunchy Pomello just took it to another level. Too refreshing and perfect for summers. I sipped on this  perfect blend of raw mango, spices and fresh Pomello wishing this night went on forever.

Raw Mango Sorbet

Main Course-
Punjabi food is incomplete without its gravy dishes and Parathas. I loved the creamy Paneer Malai Pede, packed with  flavour and the creamy heavenly tasting gravy was splendid. The paneer was softer cotton candy. Hee Hee!

Paneer Malai Pede

Rarhya Meat – It was soft succulent meat cooked in garam masala. The chef that taken special efforts to cut down on oil and masala, as it was a summer special dish. It worked so well with the Garlic Naan.

Yummy Rarhya Meat
Hot Butter Naan

I had a small helping of Palak Makkai and scooped up some spoons of Dal  Panjratani. Both these dishes were pretty decent.

Palak Makkai
Dal Panjratani

So the cravings began when main was being served and I was waiting for  Butter chicken, a typical north Indian classical dish that cannot be missed on any Punjabi Menu. This one had the right consistency, the chicken pieces were quite big but tender and not chewy. It lacked that typical orange colour though and real spicy flavour that gets your nose to run. But then this was a Summer Special menu and the chef that taken care of not getting it to spiced up.

Butter Chicken

I’ve eaten a lot of biryani and no biryani has ever tasted same to me. The Bahurangi Biryani was a vegetarian Biryani. I prefer a nice meaty piece of chicken biryani but this one was pleasantly nice. Light and easy, each rice grain was glazed and cooked to perfection.

Bahurangi Biryani


Dessert Time-
Like I always mention my weakness for sweets in every blogpost, this is no exception.  I was hoping that the Summer Dessert Platter would be the highlight of the evening. And yes, OH MY GOD it was. The chef came and explained to us about this breath taking  beautiful display of delicious desserts. They had kept the summer concept on top priority while compiling this platter. This was presented on a cool bed of crushed ice. There were sorbets, Rasmalai, fun fruity fruit cut and displayed in exotic ways but what stole the attention  was the Churros and Rabri combination. With a crunch of the churros and that cold custardy rabri the combination rocked.  Very Summery indeed. Thank God, I always keep stomach space for desserts.

The unforgettable Summer Dessert Platter

After all that Gourmet food, it was perfectly rounded off by the
Paan shot. Liquid Paan in a shot glass. My ffiend Afsha suggested I gulb the whole thing down instead of using a spoon. I took her advice and wow, I was glad I did. It was so fulfilling and wonderful. I guess now my meal was complete.

The Paan Shots

Final Verdict-
A fine place to fine dine, entertain guests and have special quality time with family. You not be disappointing at all. I will not be able to furnish you with the details on pricing as I was invited to dine at The Punjab Grill.

We were all done with The Summer Special Menu at Punjab grill and departed with happy full stomachs  and lingering memories on our tastebuds. But not before clicking the group picture with the staff, chefs and team of Food bloggers.
Hip Hip Hurray !!!

CFET3dyUEAAsVE3.jpg largeAddress- Punjab Grill, Morya Landmark-II, Off Andheri New Link Road, Mumbai
Number- + 91 -9769611484

Twitter :        @FoodbloggerAI
Instagram :  @FoodbloggerAI

(The author was invited by FBAI and Punjab Grill to review  Summer Special food Menu  and dined there on invitation)

Nice to meet you Harry

Yipppeee! Its friday night again, and visiting  another new Cafe and Bar  with my blogger friends was  the highlight of my weekend. This time its  the Newly opened Harry’s Cafe and Bar at the Fun Republic- Andheri ( W)

harry 3

Harry’s Bar and Cafe is not a very huge place but had an instant appeal to a new comer like me. The lighting – nice and dim, music-cool groovy, the perfect volume so that conversations can be enjoyed. Conversions on each table is most private as the other people cannot over hear you. The seating was comfortable and air conditioning was pretty cool.
The ambiance is what cheers you up totally, Huge TV screen, pool table, DJ corner, and a welcoming Bar. Lovely place to hangout and chill with your friends. There were groups of friends enjoying the IPL and  cheering for their favourite side.

harry 4
Met the gorgeous Salloni and Anisha.

YES…FOOD.. Thats what bloggers scrutinize, let me warn you, and that was what I was there for too!!

The  Starters kept arriving on the table at regular intervals, and guess what ! We had practically every starter on the menu. From my most favourite dish- Fisherman’s Basket to my not so favourite Stuffed Mushrooms, I tasted all trying to evaluate each one of them. Most of the starters were well seasoned and presented.
The Chicken Satay  was a killer, and the Crispy Chilli Potatoes was to die for. Take a bow Chef Vicky Ratnani who has partnered with Harrys Bar & Cafe to give everyone some superb ‘ Comfort Bar Food ‘. So sit back and check out some of those mouth watering starters we savoured that evening.






This lonely burger got all my attention

I relished them all, the Chicken  Lollypop, Veg Vietnamese  Spring Rolls, Wasabi Cottage cheese squares, Chicken Satay, Crispy Chicken, Nachos, Honestly I have zero complaints about of any of the starters. Every dish  was drool worthy,  flavoursome and fun with the drinks.
Now there is more, take  look at the Salad, Pasta and Main course served. I found the pasta not so cheesy as I like it and abit under seasoned. However the salad was fresh and delightful in every morsel. I found the Thai curry over seasoned with salt. Gave it a miss after a bite.





Dessert had limited options, However much I wanted to try the upside down  ice cream cone in the jar, we all unanimously decided to have the Drunken Volcana cake. This was a combination of warm Chocolate Lava cake, vanilla Gelato and Flambe. Wowie, I squealed like a little child when it was brought to the table !! The plate got dancing to the beats of the DJ when lit, then died down, only to excite our tastebuds with the sexy sweet chocolatey taste.


The bar menu had an extensive good collection of wines, shots , and a  different range cocktails, signature as well as usuals. The Dirty Harry is the signature cocktail here and I had the privilege  to taste it.  It was vodka based with iced mist flavour,  demerara and lichi. Not a very good looking drink but a stunner on the palate. The alcohol prices when compared seemed okay to me.



My favourite was DIRTY HARRY
Good Old Martini


The bar tender and server Dilip  was the highlight of the evening. He kept coming up and giving his recommendations and entertained us with his chirpy personality. I got a picture to prove it.



Warm and hospitable staff and nice ambiance grabs all the attention. Perhaps the one thing I’d come back here would be for the good music and fun vibe.
One of the best places to chill after a hectic week on Fridays as well as weekends.


Harry’s Bar + Cafe Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai, India address
1st Floor, Fun Republic, Veera Desai Road, Shah Industrial Estate, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai

Follow @Harrys_India on Twitter here- https://twitter.com/harrys_india

Girls just wanna have fun
harry 2
The FoodBloggers Gang 

(The author was invited to dine and wine at Harry’s Bar+ cafe  courtesy the Food Bloggers Association of India).

An Evening in Paris at the ‘Long n Short – The GastroBar’

Food blogging is not an easy task especially if you are trying it out for the first time. I grabbed the invitation from the mumbai.intercontinental.com to dine and review the Menu laid out for the Parisian Food Festival currently at the Long n Short. I love dining at this Gastrobar as its full of character, apt mood and the pretty adorned artifacts delight the dining experience further. I was accompanied by none other than my dear foodie friend Shiraz K.

Chef Vicky, during his visit showed us the Parisian Food Festival menu. On checking the menu,  I was a bit surprised as there were dishes I have had before and some I wished to try for the first time. I always consider the Chef’s recommendations. This time I went through the menu to see if I could pronounce the french dish names with ease.

The #Parisianfoodfestival Menu
The #Parisianfoodfestival Menu

Soup- Hence, we started off with the authentic French Onion soup.  The French Onion soup (Rs 350/-) is a caramelized  onion  soup flavoured with chicken broth and served with a Gruyere Cheese Croute. A well seasoned soup with distinct onion flavour went down fast. A bit warm though I would have preferred it piping hot.

Yummy French Onion Soup
Yummy French Onion Soup

Starters- Chef Vicky visited again to inquire on our order for the  starters and main course. He suggested the Shrimp Cocktail and Baked Carembert Parcels. The shrimps looked pretty n pink sitting on a bed of seasonal salad  adorned with zesty mayo and Tabasco sauce. The sweet and succulent prawns were so yummy, we enjoyed them quietly with full concentration. Later, we chatted and caught up on old times sipping on our Pineapple upside down mocktails.

Sipping Pineapple Upside down Mocktail
Sipping on Pineapple Upside Down Mocktail


Pretty in pink Shrimp Cocktail
Pretty n Pink Shrimp Cocktail
B-CkGquCIAAuitY.jpg large
Chef Vicky rocked


The Baked Carebert parcels had crusty flaky pastry on the outside and yummy gooey Gruyere cheese on the inside. What an awesome combination. I got so carried away with this dish which I had for the first time.  Oops! Missed taking a perfect picture.
Main course- By now, I  was eagerly waiting for the two main dishes – Chicken Cordon Blue (Rs 650/-)  and Coq Au Vin (Rs 650/-) . Chicken Cordon Blue is the tender breast of chicken layered with ham and cheese, dusted with bread crumbs and deep fried to perfection. French fries accompanies it to add to the exuberant dining experience. My knife cut this delicacy with ease and my stomach was blessing me for this feast.
I could not take my eyes off Coq Au Vin – this is a dish of chicken cooked in red wine, mushrooms and herbs served with garlic bread. This specially crafted dish was the show stopper of the evening. The presentation of the food was exquisite and I felt like diving in immediately but thankfully stopped to click a picture.  The mushrooms, baby carrots, dressings, all calling out to me. This baby was huge, easily enjoyed by two persons. I wish I could try all the dishes on the menu, each one a specialty from the French connection

Showstopper- Coq au Vin
Chicken Cordon Blue

Dessert- Who had place for the desserts?  Shiraz is not a dessert person which I am. How my hungry eyes wished to relish the bread and butter pudding, my small stomach proved to be a party pooper and had to resist. We decided to taste Strawberry soup with Mascapone. This petit looking dish came on the table which I wondered if it would live up to the expectations of my sweet tooth. We drizzled a generous helping of the sour and tangy strawberry soup on the whipped peak of mascapone and slipped our spoons in. It was not too sweet but smooth. The sweet and sour taste did a tango and took me to Paris and back in a moment.

This beauty  I missed to savour- Photo credit- Long and Short
Bread and butter pudding – Photo credit- Long  n Short
Strawberry Soup with Mascopone
Strawberry Soup with Mascopone

Would I return to Long n Short? Yes for sure, the ambiance, the service, the value for money gives me an ample reason to return to this GastroBar… bar bar lagatar. However its ‘Au Revoir’ till we meet again.
Contact: Long n Short – The GastroBar, Intercontinental, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai.

(The author was invited to review and experience the Parisian Food Festival which is on till the 22nd of February 2015.)