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Delicious Danone Yogurt Nutri Pots

Who says healthy food cannot be tasty food? Lets give yogurt a chance this time. Yoghurt is full for calcium and loaded with protein. It is also beneficial for Gut health and is… Continue reading

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

Cadbury has always been my favourite chocolate brand as a child. For sure, I wouldn’t say no to this milky creamy delight ever. And when Cadbury introduced Silk in the market, nothing could… Continue reading

Parsi Style ‘Akuri’

The Bawa- Eedu Love Affair. When in doubt, break an eedu (egg) on it, is the Parsi motto of cooking. Anything and everything can be made with an egg. Popular among Parsis is… Continue reading

A refreshing Kiwifruit drink

Kiwi- The Hero Packed with more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange, the bright green flesh of the kiwifruit speckled with tiny black seeds is packed with health. This delicious fruit… Continue reading

Lets Cook with Let’s Chef

Routine cooking on the weekend can be boring. You either end up eating out or order a take away. I especially dont like missing my TV serials and wait for family time with… Continue reading

Summer Coolant – ‘AAM KA PANNA’

Summer is just around the corner and so is the season of mangoes. I love Aam Ka Panna, making it every year with lots of enthusiasm to  enjoy its benefits and taste on… Continue reading

Sagan ni Sev Recipe- SweetAnnu

In a Zoroastrian household, all  auspicious occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, ‘Sagan Ni  Sev’ is prepared without fail. It is served along with sweet curds and is  eaten  at  breakfast. It is even… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Vermicelli Kheer.

Kheer needs no occasion to be made, just an extra litre of milk in the fridge and it is an easy dish to make. With other basic ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen, Voila!!… Continue reading

Branded Bawi – Guest post

Hello Friends! Let me introduce you to my daughter Branded Bawi. Zenia Irani is a Clinical Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist by profession, And a food, lifestyle, and fashion lover by passion. This… Continue reading

Wish for a Fish on a dish?

It that time of the year when you are sad it has come to an end  yet happily excited to be a part of the New year and what it has to offer.… Continue reading