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Chase away your blues with Bohemian Brew

I am always on the look out for new eateries in and around my vicinity. Not wanting to repeat any of the places we had visited before, made me readily accept the invitation to review the newly opened Bohemian Brew at Khar.

A little about Bohemian Brew

Bohemian Brew is an all new Tea cum Sheesha destination in Khar, which promises to serve the best variety of tea with sheesha along with a menu that has Mediterranean and Continental dishes to savour. The place looks fresh and inviting with artistic, pretty decor that will definitely get you to smile. The Co owner/Chef Rahul Desai passionately showed us around the restaurant which covered the dining area, sheesha, tea lounge and an exclusive cosy corner. I was very impressed with his tea collection and his colour coded test tubes of teas across the Tea bar. The cosy corner was more private for diners who wish to read, play board games or want to work over a cuppa tea. But the best part was outdoors, the music, the lighting and the overall vibe has to be experienced.

The Menu

We were all set to savour some of the best dishes on the menu.


1. Watermelon & Feta Salad – The might of freshness was proven again, with the watermelon and feta salad standing out as the clear winner. Loved the zing of Thai chilli and infused vodka in the dish took it to another level.


2. Tea Leaf Salad – This salad was a colourful treat with a bunch fermented edible tea leaves, topped with roasted peanuts, fried garlic and tomatoes, a true mark of a good salad.


3. Zahtar Spiced Chicken – Beautifully marinated and grilled chunks of chicken served with a delectable lemon corriander dip. Tempting enough to be wiped off completely.


4. Falafel with Hummus – So smooth and refreshing, this hummus is one of the best I have had till date. Take a bow, Chef Rahul Desai.


5. Chicken Meatballs in Gouda Cheese Sauce – Tender moist Chicken meatballs were engulfed with a sauce made with buttery Gouda cheese along with fresh baked baguette.


6. Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil – Perfectly creamy Risotto was topped with mushrooms, garnished with chive sticks and truffle oil. Not my favourite dish of the day nonetheless very enjoyable.


7. Tagine Chicken – Got the taste of Morocco on a pretty, ethnic designed plate while digging into Tagine Chicken. It was a magical dish with apricots and topped with preserved lemon. This dish had complexity of flavours, sweet and spicy with the sourness from the lemon.


8. Herbal Hibuscus Infusion  – The grand finale to our dining experience at the Bohemian Brew was the outstanding, stunning Herbal Hibuscus Infusion. The taste of  rich red cup of aromatic flavours left us refreshed and invigorated.

Final Verdict

Will I visit Bohemian Brew again?? Oh yes!! Definitely with my friends. Its worth a visit to chase away your blues. 🙂

Open daily, from 9am to 1am.
Bohemian Brew,
Shop No.1,
Mahesh Apartment,
5th Road, off S. V. Road,
Next to Noble Chemist,
Khar. Tel: 96999 58582.

Desi meals done best with Box 8

A food chain with presence at over 60 different locations & delivery across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore that needs no introduction, Yes!! Its Box8 , its concept being to  bring good Indian food to the masses.

In a recent interview founder Anshul Gupta in his interview highlighted the strong points of Box8.

  1. The focus lies in preparing food which is delicious, easy on the stomach and made from quality ingredients, allowing the consumers to order food frequently.
  2. ‘Box8’ offers fusion of different Indian delicacies- It is multi layered meal that is a blend of a curry, protein (chicken, paneer, etc), salad, chutney, yogurt. It is a perfect combination of taste and fusion.

  3. Added help of Technology will build platform between customers, delivery units, kitchen and vendors at Box 8.


    Come on now its time to review Box 8

    The Order

    I played the order online  from the website with online payment option, you can also order through Zomato, Foodpanda or even download the Box8 application. You get an SMS confirmation immediately and a status of the delivery. Order was bang on…

    The Menu

    Their USP is that they have a menu that ranges from  wholesome meals, salads, wraps, sandwiches, biryani’s, beverages, desserts, Ice creams, Fusion boxes, pizzas and ala carte  options.


    The Packaging

    The delivery was prompt within half an hour of mentioned time. The boxes were stacked up well in the bag. No spill or leak, food still hot on removal. Love the bright red BOX 8 logo, cute outer packaging with interesting one liners. Each box was well labelled with content of the box.

    With no further ado lets review the food


1.  Saag Chicken Meal Rice –  This meal was complete is every way. It contained Jeera rice, a decent potion of boneless chicken saag, salad, chutney,  rajma and a piece of brownie. The taste of each item was enjoyable, priced at Rs 198/- it was value for money.


2. Char-grilled Chicken Salad – Chicken  tikka pieces mixed with assorted crunchy veggies and a desi dressing, delicious and addictive.


3. Paneer Masala Box – A similar compact meal in a box for a vegetarian option. Paneer was soft yet lacked flavour.  A tad bit bland for my liking.


 4. Chicken Xtreme Box –  This is a compact meal with chicken tikka  over rice served with salad on the side. Gravy at the bottom to avoid spillage was enjoyable. Chutney and curd dressing went well with the meal.


5. Fusion Chicken Sandwich –  A good substantial chicken filling with veggies and delicious sauces in a multigrain bread, very enjoyable in every bite.  Must try!!

Moong daal Halwa
Chocolate Lava cake

6. Desserts –  We tried the Moong dal Halwa and Chocolate lava cake- The halwa was simple, perfect sweetness with the ghee flavour. It was okayish nothing extra ordinary. Same with the Lava cake, it had  a typical cocoa taste and no oozing chocolate lava that I was expecting.


7. Masala Lemonade –  Box 8 gives you the option to add Dessert + drink to your meal for Rs 68. You must add it for the lemonade. I love the bottle it comes in. The lemonade is refreshing mix of lemon and jal jeera.  A real good accompaniment to the meal.

  • Website for delivery order : BOX 8
  • Download the Box 8 App  from Play Store  

Five New restaurants in Bandra you must try.

Before I start this post a small warning that some food pictures may make you drool profusely. Being a passionate foodie I  love discovering new food places in Bandra. In the past I stumbled upon some cool , swanky and interesting places. And that’s not all, they offer you a food experience more than just food on a platter….
Will take you through a food tour of each place, an  easier ways to get acquainted with these Bandra eateries . 

1.The English Department 

Have you ever dined in a place that made you feel like you have traveled out of the country? I felt like I had traveled to good old England to see the Queen when I visited The English department.

The place is located just off linking Road, Level 2, Kenilworth Shopping Arcade. Perfect for a meal break after some heavy duty shopping.

The interiors are done up in the same colour; hues of red and brown  and dim lighting. Comfortable cushioned circular sofas to dine over conversations. A model replica of the London bridge could be easily spotted over the bar counter that stands tall at the end of the restaurant. You will hear a mix of Hindi/English music that can be  enjoyed while digging into some delectable bar food.

Off the England to see the Queen

A blend of different cuisines on the food menu, some of dishes are typical English.

Veg/Non veg Pizzas, Thai curry rice,  Shepherd’s pie, Jacket baked potatoes, Welsh rarebit, fish n chips.

Loaded with capsicum, chicken and cheese, the pizza is delicious here

Crispy and cheesy Bruschetta

Loved the taste of these Jacket Baked potatoes

2.Bombay Biryani

I’ve eaten a lot of Biryani. And I can safely say that no two Biryanis that you’ll eat from different homes or different restaurants will be the same. Each Biryani comes with its own set of ingredients and spices, that have been mastered over a course of time, after careful trial and error in the kitchen.
Bandra  just got blessed with Bombay  Biryani paradise in simple word.

Being a bandraite and a regular shopper at Bazaar road, I was thrilled to see the new signage of BOMBAY BIRYANI , situated in the Balaji lane that leads to bazaar road. 12-A, Bazaar Road, Hill Road, Bandra West

Looks small from the outside but it has comfortable seating, good vibe, music and lighting for food photography. No fancy dining here but value for money.

The menu is a treat for non vegetarians however it is  loaded with  options for vegetarians.

Everything on the menu can be enjoyed with a Pallonji Rasberry Soda. 🙂

Juicy and succulent butter chicken kababs

Amazingly cheesy Shezwan Cheese Burst Naan

Finger licking Hyderabadi biryani


3.Taj Mahal Tea House

A colonial bungalow that is now converted into a tea house. I guarantee you’ll feel like you have been transported into another era.

The interiors are homely and comforting yet vintage and artistically done. The twinkling lights and Zakir Hussains Tabla display cannot be missed.  I couldn’t get enough of this place, I have to visit again real soon.

Located near the Mount Mary Steps bang opposite Good old Bungalow 9.
36-A, Ground Floor, Sanatan Pereira Bungalow, St. John Baptist Road, Reclamation.

From Chocolatey teas to Lemon grass teas each and every kind is a superhit.

I strongly recommend the Matcha Rose tea and Kulfi dessert Chai.







4. Craftbar

The total package for a office lunch, cozy date or fun Friday night. Craftbar caters to all. Check out some more details below.

Just a hop, skip and jump from the main Bandra scene, prominent location in BKC .  Hallmark Business Plaza, Sant Dyaneshwar Marg, Near Chetna College, Kalanagar, Bandra East.

The ambience is cheerful, cool and fresh.  It has very simple and elegant decor with very good seating space available both outside and inside.

The highlight of this place is the bar and food menu, its so interesting  and well presented. With some innovative dishes and quirky drinks to choose from.

Food: Glassy Classy Salad, tandoori Momos, Lord of the wings, The English Vinglish dessert.
Drinks: Clean Bold, Dum Maro Dum and a whole lot of interesting names on the menu.

Yummy Lord of the wings

A fusion dessert – Gajjar ka Halwa in brownie


5. Kettle and Keg

  This new place Kettle and Keg is owned by Mr. Dev Gill and his wife. It  is a great place to hangout with  family and friends. I was so happy to have stumbled on a gem like Kettle and Keg in my vicinity.

Kettle and keg is a minute walk from Dominoes, Khar at Shop 1, Celeste Building, Plot 470, Kinchin CHS, 14th Road, a minute walk from Dominoes, Khar.

A dainty looking café, loved the yellow lighting. Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. The bar is very well decorated,  warm, vibrant, and inviting with colourful bottles, pop art, and quirky light fixtures.

The fusion food and some of their signature dishes have to be tried at any cost.  A great variety of teas for the tea lovers( straight from the kettle)

Food: The Misal Pau with a twist, cheese Lamb Burger, Chapli kababs and Peanut butter pie.

Drinks: Dont miss their Cinnamon Chai Latte, Green apple float and the whopping Freaky Ferraro Shake


Let the picture do the talking

I freaked out on this Sundae

Eggless & Gluten free Peanut Butter pie


So add this to your restaurants to visit bucket list for 2017. Feast with all your senses and don’t count calories. 

Bon Appitite everyone!!


Kangan presents flavours of North India

Food is a journey where every bite takes you closer to the final destination which is heavenly bliss. Recently I was at the Kangan,  a Indian fine dining restaurant at Westin- Goregaon – http://www.westinmumbaigardencity.com/
I experienced  a soul satisfying gourmet feast curated  by their chief Chef Angad Rai. Read on for more………

Kangan, The jewel at Westin


The Ambience
A chilled out place for fine dining, there was an instant feeling of comfort on entering the restaurant. Though it was dimly lit, I was relaxed knowing the dining experience will be an unforgettable one. And yes, Kangan lived upto my expectations. Though the music playing was indian the interior didn’t overdo the Indian look. Situated  on the 18th floor, just overlooking the western express highway Kangan offers probably one of the best views of the Mumbai, a city  that never sleeps and is always on the go.


Meeting Chef Angad Rai
A  pleasant warm personality, Chef Angad Rai has taken over to revamp the menu at  Kangan restaurant. He greeted us with a warm Namaste, asking us our preference in food ensuring us to serve the most delectable indian dishes in which he specializes in.
All evening we noticed him personally cooking up in the open kitchen with his team and visiting tables to get feedback on dishes served. Chef Angad, Take a bow as you made Kangan the talk of the town, giving diners a fabulous Indian fine dinning experience.

The Food we savoured that day
The new menu looked interesting enough to taste all the dishes.

saag 4

Serving us a delectable platter of assorted tikkas and kababs. Each one was unique in taste and had a flavourful story to tell. Listing them in Sweetannu’s order of preference.

  1. Khatti Jheenga- Kaffir lime leaves marinated tiger prawns cooked in tandoor
  2. Chaas Murgh tikka- Spiced Buttermilk infused chicken morsels cooked in tandoo
  3. Kakori Kabab- Melt in mouth seekh kebab mixed with Awadhi spices cooked in tandoor
  4. Habibiya tawa Ghosth- Melt in mouth seekh kebab mixed with Awadhi spices cooked in tandoor
  5. Nadru Shikampuri- Braised lotus stem patties, stuffed with spiced raw mango and pan seared

    Main Course:
    My experience says I should go easy on the main course as North Indian dishes are full of cream and are comparatively heavy. However wrong again, as I didn’t find much in gravies served. I was enveloped by the aroma and enjoyed each colourful dish on the table. Listing them again in my personal preference as per my taste and liking.

    1. Kukkad Tariwala- Home style chicken curry.
    2.Sasranga korma- hand pullled kasmiri lamb preparation.
    3. Murg Awadh Korma-  Chicken cooked with awadh spices.
    4. Purvanchal saag- Fresh leafy greens tempered with cumin and garlic chives.
    5. Khatti  Machhli- Pompret  cooked in red onions and tangy tomatoes.


    And a special mention to the Daal Kangaan that is a must have for everyone. The magic is in the slow cooked lentils and tomatoes finished with white butter


    The breads served up that night were very special too.
    1. Warqi Paratha- This flakey paratha complimented all the gravy main course dishes making then finger licking worthy.
    2. Zaffrani Taftan- This slightly sweetened flatbread being enriched with saffron and milk was something I have never savoured before, so soft it just melted away in the mouth.


Ending off the main course with Murg Dumm Biryaani. The aromas engulfed my senses as the pot opened. Soft pieces of chicken served up with perfectly cooked and tempered rice. Kudos Chef Angad!! 🙂


Who can end a meal without savouring some indian sweets? And when asked I couldn’t refuse the Ras malai. It was sweet yet light with that refreshing saffron taste, loaded with dry fruits.

In a nutshell:

Enjoy Kangan with all its deliciousness Chef Angad has to offer with a fabulous  view of Amchi Mumbai
Call 9004496577 for Reservations

( Sweetannu was invited to dine at Kangan. The views are unbiased and entirely her own.)










Presenting Presto Lunches

Oh Yes, I love to fine dine at five star restaurants. Who doesn’t ?  Last Saturday I went to The Trident- BKC for Lunch. I was there to try out #prestolunches, a three course Italian meal at Botticino, their Sleek contemporary dining room serving  traditional Italian cuisine .


The Beautiful reception

A warm and inviting reception,  a huge spacious interior, elegant and clean ambience, neat and tidy tables,  charming and courteous staff made the Botticino the perfect place to fine dine for me that afternoon.

Presto Lunches

The Presto Lunches menu at Botticino  is a three course elaborate spread with a number of options to pick from for Rs. 990/- plus tax. You can call and book a table from Monday-Saturday for lunch.

2012-01-01 01.02.53
Freshly baked breads

Items on the Menu.

Coming to the food we started with the appetizers. I tried the highly recommended Beetroot Tartare with orange spheres and beetroot macaroons. A visual treat served up with sweet flavours, refreshing and enjoyable to my palate.


Fresh and sweet appetizer.

My companion for the afternoon Shimareet Bhasin, Communications Manager at the Trident seemed to be enjoying her Black pepper chicken served up with mash and grape reduction.



For Mains I wanted to try the Red Snapper. This Poached Red Snapper was such a healthy option for main course. It was cooked in a glass jar with exotic vegetables, orange juice, and prawn stock. Served on a bed of potato mash mixed with olives and basil. This simple dish had no spices yet full of flavours.




Shimareet had the Angel Hair shrimp pasta with olive oil, garlic and parsley. I enjoyed seeing her slurping it up with delight.


The meal ended on a sweet note with us both indulging in chocolate.

The Chocolate Feuillant- Spectacular to look, smooth and rich to taste


I had the Costa hazelnut- Dark Chocolate mousse & hazelnut cremeaux

However right from the time we entered to the end I would only say one thing that Presto Lunches  over exceeded my expectation.


Food – 4.5/5

Menu – 4/5

Service – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4.5/5

VFM – 4/5

Will SweetAnnu visit again? …YES!! For sure. Its Total paisa vasool. Come on!! Gang of Girls lets fine dine and enjoy Presto Lunches at The Trident 🙂


True Tramm Fun at True Tramm Trunk

Hi everyone,
I had the opportunity to visit  True Tramm trunk  on the special invite by FBAI. We were all there for a fun evening and an amazing time. An honest confession, I was here for the FBAI Quiz. The last time I had missed it and this time I was hell bound to experience the madness and check out my food quotient.

The Place:
One flight up, True Tramm Trunk is situated in a shopping complex in Juhu. I got an initial feel of ‘work in progress’ till I was greeted by this giant sized Indian lady coyly doing a ‘Namaste pose’. A huge long bar with some peppy music welcomed me. Have I been here before? Coz it looked like any other bar with  filament bulbs, half done brick wall, and quirky graffiti. However I was thrilled to meet my fellow food bloggers after a long time.

The Event:
It was a  FBAI (Food Bloggers Association of India) Soiree with Turning Point Sangria. Did you know that the Sangria is the largest selling cocktail in India? Yay! I am one of that  true Indians who loves her Sangria.  Quite impressed with the two types of Turning Point Sangria, the white Sangria and Metropolitan, the Red Sangria. This  whole idea of “Sangria in a bottle” amazed me. The bottle was such a good looking one designed by Rabia Gupta as we were told by Turning Point owner and founder Mr Ashwin Deo.

The Food and Drinks:
My favorite drink of the night, and a favorite with a lot of the others was the Metropolitan, SweetAnnu loves it sweet. Quirky cocktails in pint size bottles did the rounds. Took a sip of ‘Gulabo’ and it really got the ‘zarra Ittar faela do’ feel in me. Wanted to get up and dance. The food here is your typical bar food – snacky and goes well paired with booze. Most of all, I enjoyed the thin crust pizzas and piping hot fish fingers.



The Quiz:
But the best part of the evening was the #FBAI QUIZ. We all were randomly divided into teams. My team members were Nishkala, Salonee, Vaniitha Jain, Amrith Padmanand and Me 🙂 We were actually Team E but by default we got to be Team D. Check out our cosy corner, we just didn’t want to move.

Strategies were planned, to discuss before answering, whisper and not shout and the best one- a signature step if we won a question. The Quiz masters Saher and Alok did a brilliant job on asking the questions. Each team gave it their best. Most questions were answered by Nishkala who has a vast food knowledge. I always seemed to know the answers to the questions asked to the other teams. It was a nail biting finish during buzzer round, one answer decided the winning team. No prizes for guessing who won, It was Team C and not us, however we did emerge the runner ups. Prizes were given to both the teams. Hampers filled with Sangria for all those who attended too 🙂

Final words : The true tramm fun at True Tramm trunk had to be the quiz, it was the cherry on the cake. A fabulous evening spent with FBAI team, Thanks Sameer and Salloni, for yet another successful FBAI bloggers Meet. And yes, Sangria is definitely my favourite potent.
Cheers & Au revior. Until we meet again.

A Mangii Morning is a Good Morning

Hey, So whats your breakfast Story? Well, If you ask me I have a long one to tell so sit back and savour some delicious breakfast fare with SweetAnnu.

 The Place

Cafe Mangii has been a  landmark location in Bandra for a long time now. A quiet dinner, entertaining guests or dining during special Xmas offers, this restaurant never fails to give its diners a feisty and unforgettable experience. We were in to try the New Breakfast Menu the restaurant has launched from 7th January and will be available from 8 AM to 12 PM every day.

The Menu 

It’s not often that you see a menu where you want to try all the dishes.  There’s everything from Eggs Benedict, that traditional English muffin topped with a delicious piece of ham and poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce to the Mangii Egg Decker, creamy spinach & truffle infused scrambled egg stacked over crisp Rosti potato. Breakfast favourites  like french toast and assortment of omelettes  are also included in the menu.
The Vegetarian fare from Baked beans with Chilli cheese toast to Mushroom Florentine give an equal competition in taste and presentation to the non vegetarian dishes on the menu. 


The Dishes we savoured
So I am ranking my favourite dishes in the order of my preference

1.Egg Benedict

Eggs poached to perfection, this dish was a winner.

2.Mangii Egg Decker

The creamy spinach was to die for.

3.Mushroom Florentine

The cheesy well cooked mushrooms was the highlight of this dish.

4.Baked Beans & Chilli toast

A perfect blend of baked beans with cheese toast was well enjoyed.

5.Nutella Sub

Chocolate Hazelnut and cream cheese came really well together with Blueberry compote.

6.Buttermilk Pancakes.

Well cooked and full of flavour. Yummy with that white butter.

7.Sweet Corn Potato Rosti

A okay dish in terms of taste but presentation rocked.

8.Peppery Smoked Pimentos

Smoked peppers did justice to the omelette. The sides with deep fried potatoes tasted alot like Allo Tuks.

9. Chili Cheese Molten

Cheesy cheesy all the way with that kick of chilly.

10. Cappuchino

Frothy and perfect cuppa cappuccino.

Photo credits- FBAI

11. The Juice Bar

Fresh juices with no added sugar

Not so favourites on the Menu

1.Fondant Leeks & Asparagus

The gram flour pancake was a wee bit undercooked.

2. Belguim Waffles

A tad bit dense and had an eggy flavour.


The Cafe Mangi’s  breakfast menu, is a gourmet affair and is available through the week.  Be prepared to entice your tastebuds and have the perfect start to your day.
Cafe Mangii
022 2649810, 022 26498000
022 25705139, 022 25705138


Creating Food trends with Godrej Nature’s Basket

What comes to your mind when you think of Hill Road located at Bandra ? For me its a complete shopping destination . 🙂
Street Shopping with bargaining
Bata for shoes
Globus for movies
Elco for pani puri
and Yes Godrej Nature’s Basket for my grocery shopping

Godrej Nature’s Basket



If you’re searching for a western-style supermarket then stop here to  fulfill your needs . I was quite amazed when I went grocery shopping at the store – Wines, chocolates, tinned and bottled goods, pasta and cereals, western cheese, oils, fresh fruits & veggies etc. India’s finest gourmet & fine food retailer that offer unique foods under one roof.
In fact if there is a specific product you need for a recipe you should only try here. My recipe once needed Strawberry conserve, I was stress free as I knew I would get it here at Godrej Nature’s Basket. Guess what I did find it easily 🙂

Cooking demonstrations, product launches, celebrity chef demos and loads of exciting events are also held at  the store from time to time.


The best part is now Godrej Nature’s Basket has a Mobile app for easy shopping for your weekly needs.


I even found the website interesting with the entire range of products . The search engine is easy, on the whole I had a pleasant shopping experience with an option to pay on home delivery.

Find them on  facebook  here-  https://www.facebook.com/NaturesBasket/?fref=ts
Follow them on twitter here- https://twitter.com/NaturesBasket

Branded Bawi Biography

Here is what Zenia Irani had to say on her recent twitter win in  the Nature’s Basket contest held on twitter recently.




“It was such an overwhelming surprise to have Natures Basket announce my name as the winner. Even better than winning a gift for yourself, is the feeling of winning something for your loved one. The happiness and joy on my mom’s face when she received the Tea Hamper from Natures BASKET that i specially won for her, was unparalleled to anything else. I am so thrilled I could win this for her. Thank you Godrej Natures Basket!”

IMAG3752The best part of all, It was not one but two of these generous goodies laden hampers we won. Teas, cookies, chips and a whole more of exciting assortments packed professionally in a beautiful basket.


Basketful of Cheer! 

Picking the perfect gift to please those we love when each of our loved ones are unique with their individual preferences can be so difficult when picking out gifts for festivals. Well in case you have been worried about your festive gifting, worry no more! Especially themed chocolate, coffee, tea hampers  make the ideal gift to show you care.

The Exquisite Tea hamper

Three Cheers for GODREJ NATURE’S BASKET  ” Hip Hip Hurray”

Lavish Sunday Brunch at O:h Cha

Sunday is my day of relaxation, a day I usually get up late, unwind and  cook up a easy  family meal with rice and a gravy. However this Sunday was gonna be super special. This time round as I had accepted an invite for the Sparkling Casablanca  Sunday Brunch at O:h Cha, Lower Parel. I was all charged and geared to indulge in those dishes mentioned on the invite. Chef Rakesh Talwar was launching his new Sunday Brunch Menu. A sit down Sparkling Sunday Brunch (Rs. 2000 all inclusive + a glass of Casablanca sparkling wine).

Intriguing Interiors

Located in one of the by lanes of the Mathurdas Mills Compound, the entry was a bumby jerky experience and I thought my back would be in trouble again but Thank God for Valet parking the restaurant ” ALL IZZ WELL 🙂

use 7use 2

No sooner you enter are you greeted by a pleasant reception counter and hostess. I instantly loved the spacious interior with the high ceiling. Glad it was lunch time so I got to notice and admire the natural skylight filtering through the ceiling. The beautiful  traditional bamboo chandeliers hanging atop added to the fab decor.

use 11
Sparkling Casablanca with yummy Welcome Appetizer- Krob Keam

Sparkling Casablanca 
A glass of wine was the first to arrive on the table. Casablanca befriended me on the first sip. A  pretty pale colour and a smooth delightful flavour. Casablanca Sparkling wine is  India’s first fully sparkling wine.  It’s made by Good Drop Wine Cellars at Vinchur Wine Park in Nasik. I must pay a visit to  their vineyard next time I visit Nasik on tour to Shirdi. Couldn’t help checking out their fab display and array of wine bottles in  the reception area.

The range of Casablanca Sparkling wines



Finger licking food
When you are invited for a buffet one pictures endless counters of food and live stations but surprisingly to my delight this was a sit down buffet and the food would come to us. Yippeee!!

So now for some pictures and added description of all those yummy dishes devoured by SweetAnnu. I have ranked the dishes in order of my personal favourite in taste from 1 to 6 for the starters.

Rank 1- This  Stir Fried Tofu with Sriracha was the top contender, loved the well coated and flavoursome Tofu. A perfect Thai Starter for me.

Stir Fry Tofu with Sriracha


Rank 2-  Soft thin chicken Satay slices with the perfect marinate. Just with two bites I had a clean stick and was licking my fingers.

use 10
Chicken Satay

Rank 3- Not a big Bruschetta fan however this one I loved as it as it stood out for its uniqueness and pleasant basil flavour.

Holy Basil Chicken Bruschetta

Rank 4- The whiff of prawn when I opened the little the bamboo basket was exciting, further more it was steamed to perfection and had a lovely prawn flavour.

Prawn Chive Dumpling

Rank 5- The spicy raw papaya salad Som Tom was refreshing, light and full of zing. Sweet, sour and spicy just like my sweet Blogger friend Riya 🙂

use 15
Som Tom Salad

Rank 6-  Chicken Gyoza was different, steamed and then pan fried. Very enjoyable as the filling melted away with one bite. I had a second as one was not enough. Too yummy for my tummy 😀

use 13
Chicken Gyoza

Some of the starters that didn’t hit the Bulls eye for me that afternoon, nonetheless you might want to try.


use 12
Vegetable Chive Dumpling


Asian Mushroom Vol-au-vent


Sweet Corn Patty


use 14
Fried Lemon Grass Chicken

Must have Main Course
With a stomach full of starters it was now time for main course.  We had French Bean Chilli Bean, Four Friends, Thai Green Curry, Pad Kra Prow Kai, Steamed Dory Lemon Chilli Garlic, Steamed Jasmine Rice and Pad Thai Noodles. My favourite was the Pad Thai noodles because the noodles were well cooked and embeded with Thai flavours. It was exciting to slurp it up. My not so favourite was the Thai curry, only wish it was more dense and creamy.

use 17
Pad Thai Noodles
use 16
Four Friends, French Bean Chilli Bean , Pad Kra Prow Kai and Steamed Jasmine Rice
use 18
Green Curry Vegetable



Droolworthy Desserts

We started with the Tub Tim Krob, I quite liked it unlike some bloggers on my table. It was pleasantly nice, it had pieces of jackfruit and water chestnuts. It was not very sweet at all. I could have easily had another one.

use 19
Tub Tim Krobe

Ooh La La,  Orange, Lemon Grass and Honey Sorbet was refreshing, delicate on the palate and had distinct flavours of orange, honey and lemon grass. A perfect blended concoction. Kudos to Chef Rakesh Talwar on this magical dessert creation.

use 20
Orange, Lemon Grass and Honey Sorbet

We had the Gooey Chocolate Cake but it wasn’t the gooiest I have had.

goey chcoc mousse cake
Goey Chocolate Mousse Cake

The  Lemon Grass Crème Brulee  was my least liked dessert. Something about the taste and texture was not right. I could be wrong but this is entirely my view on this dessert served that day.

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Lemon Grass Crème Brulee


Yummy,  It was Served chilled, and that did the trick.

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Home made sticky Sticky Rice & Mango Ice cream
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Signature Pose by Chef Rakesh Talwar and the team of bloggers

The service was tad bit slow but I am not complaining as I got to catch up with my girly food bloggers and enjoy the old numbers being played on the saxophone. The servers were courteous and attentive especially the one who filled up my Sparkling wine glass again. I’d highly recommend this place if one is in the Lower Parel area wanting to savour  some delectable Pan-Asian Cuisine. Secondly If Sunday Brunch is on your mind  then head to O:H CHA and go OH WAAH!!!

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The sit down Sparkling Sunday Brunch (Rs. 2000 all inclusive + a glass of Casablanca sparkling wine).


Unit 1, New Mahalaxmi Silk Mills Premises, Mathurdas Mills Compound,
N M Joshi Marg,
Next to Blue Frog,
Maharashtra 400013

(  SweetAnnu was invited  to review the Sunday Brunch and dined there on invitation)

Brew-Ger festival at The United Sports Bar and Grill

If you’re really trying to beat the mid-week blues then try this combination of burgers and beer. It is a match made in heaven. So true na? I was invited to experience the Brew-Ger festival  featuring a meal combo of both. This was packed into a neat little offer at The United and comes at a price you never thought was possible! Walk in at The United Sports Bar and Grill and grab your slice of heaven yourself. 🙂

The Signage at the entrance

Sister Bonding:
It was a night of sister bonding at Infiniti Mall – Malad. My sister Farzeen was raving about the fish platter she had at The Manchester United earlier( Now The United) last year and the great offers at Happy Hours. We decided to visit and were pleasantly surprised….

A bud in hand= Happy Sister

I love the the whole concept of a Sports bar. A place to unwind over a few beers with best buddies cheering your favourite sports team. There is a  larger than life screen with real clear picture quality for great viewing. A fun vibe and peppy music adds to the masti and mood. I  loved the red tables that were so inviting and seating arrangements for larger groups. A sprawling bar with well stocked spirits to keep you in high spirits.

The larger than life TV screen

Highlight of the Evening- FOOD:

The delectable Platters
Non veg Sliders with sides
Sliders from all Over the world

It was a  visual treat as the sliders  arrived on the table. Just like a footballer strike a goal in a finale match, the platter scored too. Yes adorned with pretty flags of the country they represented and served with generous amount  of fries, salad and four dips, each one was worth having that night. We got to try the  4 varients in vegetarian  and Non vegetarian and rated them from ranks from 1 to 4. Psst Psst- The teacher in me always get out, even to blog on food.
1. Lebantine- Sis and me both went Ga Ga over this one, crispy chicken and soft bun.
2.DesiPataka- Grilled indian masala flavoured chicken pieces with onions in a bun. Just how the Indians like it but that ghatti masala was not the perfect component to serve with. Maybe a phudina mint chutney would go  better with this slider.
3.Uncle Sams- Yes. This one was juicy and flavoursome with the Mayo.
4. Salsa-Licious- This slider went happily down with the salsa  sauce and that chilled beer.
With a belly full of burgers and beer, I didn’t have stomach space to  try the veg variants, but my Mom did try them back home. She had the Indian one and said it was a modified version on a Vada Pau but enjoyed it none the less.

The Brew-Ger Menu:
Choose from 12 appetizing flavors from around the world –
•    English Classic Veg and Non Veg
•    Salsa-licious Veg and Non Veg
•    Lebantine Veg and Non Veg
•    DesiPatakha Veg and Non Veg
•    Uncle Sam’s Chicken and Buffalo Meat
•    Jaunty Jamaican Fish and Crab

Sipping on some Iced tea

Service with a smile:
The staff at The United were friendly and attentive. The service was smooth and we received the food within 20 minutes after ordering. They were courteous  and observant to refill our water glasses and obliged  to take pictures too .

Final Verdict :
Go try some sliders  over the weekend with your friends. The Festival is on till the 13th of September.
Offer :
Choice of burger and 1 pint of Budweiser Beer, Slider with 4 mini burgers and 2 pints of Budweiser beer
Price:Rs. 280 onwards
Address: The United Sports Bar & Grill
• R-city Mall, Ghatkopar
• Infinity 2, Malad West
• Viviana Mall, Thane west
• Amanora Town Centre, Amanora Park

Find the  “The United” on :
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TheUnitedBar?fref=ts
Twitter- https://twitter.com/UNITEDBar

A Cheers with Buds from SweetAnnu . Au Revoir friends until we meet again   🙂