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Delicious Danone Yogurt Nutri Pots

Who says healthy food cannot be tasty food? Lets give yogurt a chance this time. Yoghurt is full for calcium and loaded with protein. It is also beneficial for Gut health and is good for lactose intolerant people. This new Greek Yogurt launched by DanoneIndia has 87% more protein than regular yogurts, introduced in mango and blueberry variants. At the  product launch Chef Varun Imandar churned up three healthy recipes that were delicious, the instant Parfait left me aghast and motivated to try something  of my own.   

It was now time to churn up a new recipe that fills you with great taste while being high in nutrient value.
Danone Nutri Pots ( A yogurt based sprouts and strawberry filled puri)

The basic Ingredients

This recipe will serve up two plates of Yogurt Nutri pots of 6 puris each


1 cup of sprouts (boiled with salt, add pinch of pepper)
1 cup chopped strawberry
1 tub Blueberry Greek Yogurt (80 grams)
20  Puffed puris (Pani puri available in market)
1 tsp Honey
A dash or lime.

danone 2


1. Mix the sprouts, chopped strawberries, honey and lime in a bowl.
2. Add the yogurt and give it a good mix.
3. Crack the top of the puri and full in the yogurt mixture.
4. Garnish with cut strawberries.

Tip- Serve it chilled and immediately. Soggy puris wont be all that enjoyable. With the mango season round the corner, I am going to try the Mango Greek Yogurt with mango pieces. I think this is gonna be a runaway hit for sure.


Its a pretty dish to serve up hungry kids who love snacking in between meals. If you liked this recipe you will definitely like my  Eggless Tiramisu

Desi meals done best with Box 8

A food chain with presence at over 60 different locations & delivery across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore that needs no introduction, Yes!! Its Box8 , its concept being to  bring good Indian food to the masses.

In a recent interview founder Anshul Gupta in his interview highlighted the strong points of Box8.

  1. The focus lies in preparing food which is delicious, easy on the stomach and made from quality ingredients, allowing the consumers to order food frequently.
  2. ‘Box8’ offers fusion of different Indian delicacies- It is multi layered meal that is a blend of a curry, protein (chicken, paneer, etc), salad, chutney, yogurt. It is a perfect combination of taste and fusion.

  3. Added help of Technology will build platform between customers, delivery units, kitchen and vendors at Box 8.


    Come on now its time to review Box 8

    The Order

    I played the order online  from the website with online payment option, you can also order through Zomato, Foodpanda or even download the Box8 application. You get an SMS confirmation immediately and a status of the delivery. Order was bang on…

    The Menu

    Their USP is that they have a menu that ranges from  wholesome meals, salads, wraps, sandwiches, biryani’s, beverages, desserts, Ice creams, Fusion boxes, pizzas and ala carte  options.


    The Packaging

    The delivery was prompt within half an hour of mentioned time. The boxes were stacked up well in the bag. No spill or leak, food still hot on removal. Love the bright red BOX 8 logo, cute outer packaging with interesting one liners. Each box was well labelled with content of the box.

    With no further ado lets review the food


1.  Saag Chicken Meal Rice –  This meal was complete is every way. It contained Jeera rice, a decent potion of boneless chicken saag, salad, chutney,  rajma and a piece of brownie. The taste of each item was enjoyable, priced at Rs 198/- it was value for money.


2. Char-grilled Chicken Salad – Chicken  tikka pieces mixed with assorted crunchy veggies and a desi dressing, delicious and addictive.


3. Paneer Masala Box – A similar compact meal in a box for a vegetarian option. Paneer was soft yet lacked flavour.  A tad bit bland for my liking.


 4. Chicken Xtreme Box –  This is a compact meal with chicken tikka  over rice served with salad on the side. Gravy at the bottom to avoid spillage was enjoyable. Chutney and curd dressing went well with the meal.


5. Fusion Chicken Sandwich –  A good substantial chicken filling with veggies and delicious sauces in a multigrain bread, very enjoyable in every bite.  Must try!!

Moong daal Halwa
Chocolate Lava cake

6. Desserts –  We tried the Moong dal Halwa and Chocolate lava cake- The halwa was simple, perfect sweetness with the ghee flavour. It was okayish nothing extra ordinary. Same with the Lava cake, it had  a typical cocoa taste and no oozing chocolate lava that I was expecting.


7. Masala Lemonade –  Box 8 gives you the option to add Dessert + drink to your meal for Rs 68. You must add it for the lemonade. I love the bottle it comes in. The lemonade is refreshing mix of lemon and jal jeera.  A real good accompaniment to the meal.

  • Website for delivery order : BOX 8
  • Download the Box 8 App  from Play Store  

Five New restaurants in Bandra you must try.

Before I start this post a small warning that some food pictures may make you drool profusely. Being a passionate foodie I  love discovering new food places in Bandra. In the past I stumbled upon some cool , swanky and interesting places. And that’s not all, they offer you a food experience more than just food on a platter….
Will take you through a food tour of each place, an  easier ways to get acquainted with these Bandra eateries . 

1.The English Department 

Have you ever dined in a place that made you feel like you have traveled out of the country? I felt like I had traveled to good old England to see the Queen when I visited The English department.

The place is located just off linking Road, Level 2, Kenilworth Shopping Arcade. Perfect for a meal break after some heavy duty shopping.

The interiors are done up in the same colour; hues of red and brown  and dim lighting. Comfortable cushioned circular sofas to dine over conversations. A model replica of the London bridge could be easily spotted over the bar counter that stands tall at the end of the restaurant. You will hear a mix of Hindi/English music that can be  enjoyed while digging into some delectable bar food.

Off the England to see the Queen

A blend of different cuisines on the food menu, some of dishes are typical English.

Veg/Non veg Pizzas, Thai curry rice,  Shepherd’s pie, Jacket baked potatoes, Welsh rarebit, fish n chips.

Loaded with capsicum, chicken and cheese, the pizza is delicious here

Crispy and cheesy Bruschetta

Loved the taste of these Jacket Baked potatoes

2.Bombay Biryani

I’ve eaten a lot of Biryani. And I can safely say that no two Biryanis that you’ll eat from different homes or different restaurants will be the same. Each Biryani comes with its own set of ingredients and spices, that have been mastered over a course of time, after careful trial and error in the kitchen.
Bandra  just got blessed with Bombay  Biryani paradise in simple word.

Being a bandraite and a regular shopper at Bazaar road, I was thrilled to see the new signage of BOMBAY BIRYANI , situated in the Balaji lane that leads to bazaar road. 12-A, Bazaar Road, Hill Road, Bandra West

Looks small from the outside but it has comfortable seating, good vibe, music and lighting for food photography. No fancy dining here but value for money.

The menu is a treat for non vegetarians however it is  loaded with  options for vegetarians.

Everything on the menu can be enjoyed with a Pallonji Rasberry Soda. 🙂

Juicy and succulent butter chicken kababs

Amazingly cheesy Shezwan Cheese Burst Naan

Finger licking Hyderabadi biryani


3.Taj Mahal Tea House

A colonial bungalow that is now converted into a tea house. I guarantee you’ll feel like you have been transported into another era.

The interiors are homely and comforting yet vintage and artistically done. The twinkling lights and Zakir Hussains Tabla display cannot be missed.  I couldn’t get enough of this place, I have to visit again real soon.

Located near the Mount Mary Steps bang opposite Good old Bungalow 9.
36-A, Ground Floor, Sanatan Pereira Bungalow, St. John Baptist Road, Reclamation.

From Chocolatey teas to Lemon grass teas each and every kind is a superhit.

I strongly recommend the Matcha Rose tea and Kulfi dessert Chai.







4. Craftbar

The total package for a office lunch, cozy date or fun Friday night. Craftbar caters to all. Check out some more details below.

Just a hop, skip and jump from the main Bandra scene, prominent location in BKC .  Hallmark Business Plaza, Sant Dyaneshwar Marg, Near Chetna College, Kalanagar, Bandra East.

The ambience is cheerful, cool and fresh.  It has very simple and elegant decor with very good seating space available both outside and inside.

The highlight of this place is the bar and food menu, its so interesting  and well presented. With some innovative dishes and quirky drinks to choose from.

Food: Glassy Classy Salad, tandoori Momos, Lord of the wings, The English Vinglish dessert.
Drinks: Clean Bold, Dum Maro Dum and a whole lot of interesting names on the menu.

Yummy Lord of the wings

A fusion dessert – Gajjar ka Halwa in brownie


5. Kettle and Keg

  This new place Kettle and Keg is owned by Mr. Dev Gill and his wife. It  is a great place to hangout with  family and friends. I was so happy to have stumbled on a gem like Kettle and Keg in my vicinity.

Kettle and keg is a minute walk from Dominoes, Khar at Shop 1, Celeste Building, Plot 470, Kinchin CHS, 14th Road, a minute walk from Dominoes, Khar.

A dainty looking café, loved the yellow lighting. Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. The bar is very well decorated,  warm, vibrant, and inviting with colourful bottles, pop art, and quirky light fixtures.

The fusion food and some of their signature dishes have to be tried at any cost.  A great variety of teas for the tea lovers( straight from the kettle)

Food: The Misal Pau with a twist, cheese Lamb Burger, Chapli kababs and Peanut butter pie.

Drinks: Dont miss their Cinnamon Chai Latte, Green apple float and the whopping Freaky Ferraro Shake


Let the picture do the talking

I freaked out on this Sundae

Eggless & Gluten free Peanut Butter pie


So add this to your restaurants to visit bucket list for 2017. Feast with all your senses and don’t count calories. 

Bon Appitite everyone!!


Fun Barbecue nights at Hyatt Regency

Everyone works hard on weekdays while looking forward to spend an enjoyable Friday night with friends and family. An outdoor set up by the pool with pretty lights and chilled out music. The Cool October breeze that ruffles your hair and the whiff off fresh barbecued meats on the grill. Welcome to   at Hyatt Regency Mumbai to enjoy unlimited grills and alcohol by their poolside. This can be enjoyed every Friday till March.

For the Meat lover

When you come for a BBQ Night, there has to be some grilled, barbequed meats along with some kebabs, and more.

Marinated meats & sausages before they hit the grill
Now on the grill to sizzle
That’s my hot plate

A special mention to the delicious pork sausage and the fabulous Cajun spiced charred chicken. 

Vegetarian need not fear

There are plenty of vegetarian options too. And special care is taken to prepare the vegetarian grills separately. The paneer however was a tad bit sweet for some reason.

Yummy skewers, brinjal, cottage cheese & potatoes.
Grilling away with a smile
Delicious Veg platter
Greens, spreads, dips and breads.

Say Cheers!!

Barbecue nights would be incomplete without a bar. Its bar time, bar bar lagataar.
Check out the well stocked up outdoor poolside bar. Options of beer, cocktails, mocktails, wines can be availed of along with the food.

What shall I have tonight? Whisky Sour!!
The happy Bartender
Stax Sling it is
Delicious and potent
Spin the roulette and get free shots and drinks

End it on a sweet note

My meal is incomplete without a taste of something sweet. Hyatt Regency Barbecue nights dessert table to my rescue.

Fresh fruit or gooey brownie?
Apple Crumble pudding
Indulge happily

Summary from Sweetannu

Overall, out of all the grills we tried, we enjoyed most of the marinated meats. A decent spread of dishes and worth a visit if you enjoy celebrating Fridays. Aur phir mad walli selfie toh banti hai boss!!
Kya kool hai hum
  A special thanks to JW Sahar & FBAI for extending their kind invitation.
Make your Friday nights fun nights too at  HyattRegencyMumbai
For reservations call 66961624


A Teaholic’s Story

My Sip Therapy

I believe tea is a therapy for your body. Wake up to a morning cup of masala tea and see how it leaves you feeling light and active. Awakening your senses – one sip at a time.
My tea journey started way back during my school days when I used to bribe my maid Yeshwaribai, asking her to mix tea to my boring white milk to make it more palatable.

When I started my weight loss journey, green tea was my companion all the way. Green tea is not a mere fad. In fact, this invigorating beverage has been a source of bliss for thousands of years — much longer than I’ve been drinking tea!

Oh! What’s so special about this ancient elixir? And where has it come from?

I know for sure that tea originated from China many many centuries ago however, I am not going to google and bore you with those details. Green tea is one of the traditional remedies that has been getting attention of late. Some of the active ingredients in green tea can stimulate a process in the body that enables fat burning (oxidation) for a short period. You can drink cups of green tea throughout the day as part of a weight loss regime and strategic eating plan to support fat stripping.


Typhoo Tea

Once my sister offered me a Typhoo green tea sachet in a hot cup of water, post lunch. I instantly loved the flavour of this hot beverage and ever since I am a regular user of Typhoo teas. Especially their fruit infused and green tea flavoured varieties. This British brand is in the tea business since 1903. Typhoo has developed and come a long way to be loved in close to 50 countries world over.

From picking the leaves from the best tea bushes and blending those leaves to create the perfect taste, to vacuum packing the tea and locking in the freshness. Every part in the Typhoo process is dedicated to making sure you experience a perfect tea-drinking moment in each cup. We should add one cup of green tea everyday in our lives to have a healthy lifestyle and heart.

 Typhoo Treasures

Being a teaholic, I love the range of rare and exclusive blends Typhoo Treasures has to offer.
Morrocon Mint is my favorite in the green tea variety. This is a beautiful gift box, you can gift someone who is struggling to lose weight instead of those high calorie chocolates and cakes. It contains:

  • Finest assortment of Teas & Infusions
  • Package contains Total of 90 enveloped Tea Bags ( 9×10 Tea Bags), (90 Tea Bags*2g)
  • 10 envelopes of each: Fruit Infusion (Orange Spicer, Lemon & Lime Zest & Black Currant Bracer)
  • 10 envelopes of each: Premium Tea (Gold, English Breakfast & Dcaf)
  • 10 envelopes of each: Green Tea (Traditional Tulsi, Moroccon mint & Natural) 

    This can be ordered on Amazon too,  check the link here Typhoo


Cheers to good health
“It’s a fad, but a good fad. At least, it has great health benefits.”

From burning fat to preventing bad breath, blocking the growth of skin cancer cells and aiding liver function, it has become the super drink of the moment.

To sum this all up, all I can say is that you have nothing to lose by drinking green tea. Oh well — I know it works for me, and I’m sure it will work for the rest of the world too.
So I say “drink up and say cheers to this cup of good health.

Do write and comment on how you liked Sweetannu’s post or let me know your personal tea experiences.
🙂 🙂 🙂

Presenting Presto Lunches

Oh Yes, I love to fine dine at five star restaurants. Who doesn’t ?  Last Saturday I went to The Trident- BKC for Lunch. I was there to try out #prestolunches, a three course Italian meal at Botticino, their Sleek contemporary dining room serving  traditional Italian cuisine .


The Beautiful reception

A warm and inviting reception,  a huge spacious interior, elegant and clean ambience, neat and tidy tables,  charming and courteous staff made the Botticino the perfect place to fine dine for me that afternoon.

Presto Lunches

The Presto Lunches menu at Botticino  is a three course elaborate spread with a number of options to pick from for Rs. 990/- plus tax. You can call and book a table from Monday-Saturday for lunch.

2012-01-01 01.02.53
Freshly baked breads

Items on the Menu.

Coming to the food we started with the appetizers. I tried the highly recommended Beetroot Tartare with orange spheres and beetroot macaroons. A visual treat served up with sweet flavours, refreshing and enjoyable to my palate.


Fresh and sweet appetizer.

My companion for the afternoon Shimareet Bhasin, Communications Manager at the Trident seemed to be enjoying her Black pepper chicken served up with mash and grape reduction.



For Mains I wanted to try the Red Snapper. This Poached Red Snapper was such a healthy option for main course. It was cooked in a glass jar with exotic vegetables, orange juice, and prawn stock. Served on a bed of potato mash mixed with olives and basil. This simple dish had no spices yet full of flavours.




Shimareet had the Angel Hair shrimp pasta with olive oil, garlic and parsley. I enjoyed seeing her slurping it up with delight.


The meal ended on a sweet note with us both indulging in chocolate.

The Chocolate Feuillant- Spectacular to look, smooth and rich to taste


I had the Costa hazelnut- Dark Chocolate mousse & hazelnut cremeaux

However right from the time we entered to the end I would only say one thing that Presto Lunches  over exceeded my expectation.


Food – 4.5/5

Menu – 4/5

Service – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4.5/5

VFM – 4/5

Will SweetAnnu visit again? …YES!! For sure. Its Total paisa vasool. Come on!! Gang of Girls lets fine dine and enjoy Presto Lunches at The Trident 🙂


The ‘A to Z’ of Bandra Eateries.

The ‘Queen of the Suburbs’, that’s how Bandra is described, and rightly so! Bandra is thriving with life, cheer and the happy vibe! Everyone around loves this suburb just like me. It is the symbol of Mumbai’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. Home to amazing shopping, fabulous ancestral bungalows and good food- Bandra is beautiful. From the energetic pubs, the street food and gourmet fine dining restaurants, Bandra has lots to offer to food lovers.
So sit back as I Take  you through an ‘A to Z’ of Bandra’s best eateries in SweetAnnu ‘Istyle’.  🙂



Amrut Sagar  Situated on the busy shoppers paradise Hill Road, Amrut Sagar cannot be missed. Tired after shopping? Get inside and savour some delicious juices and Pav bhaji.  Yummy vegetarian Chinese and South Indian dishes are top on the list for me. This crispy delicious Paper Dosa covers the whole table, a must every time we visit.


Bhaijaanz  Located diagonally opposite the Rizvi College,  Bhaijaanz is a Salman Khan themed restaurant. Pleasing, interesting interiors and a creatively crafted ambience around the theme. The menu has dishes named after Salman khan’s movies. Try chicken Barra roast for starters and soft rotis along with masaladar gravies. Drooling already?


Candies  I associate Candies with my school days, the mince roll was just for Rs 12/- back then. With three branches in Bandra, you must visit for the delicious chicken sandwiches that melt in your mouth. The fun young vibe and 20% discount after 8PM is the USP of this place. They celebrate their anniversary day by offering a 50% discount on that day. GOOD OLD CANDIES!!


Dunkin Donuts This is a good place to go chill over a coffee or a donut! Located on Linking Road at Khar, it’s a nice welcoming cafe for your sweet tooth indulgence. Visit for the Naughty Lucy and Original Tough Guy Chicken burgers. I go for the donuts coz Donut + Stirr’accino = Happy Me!


Elco Pani Puri  One of the best places to eat Chaat in Mumbai, without any fear. Generally very hygienic and can be enjoyed guilt free. It is a tad bit expensive but the crunchy puris and delicious chilled pani is totally worth it.

elco pani puri


Fat Man’s Cafe  A small cafe situated at Reclamation. The ambiance is clean and comfortable yet small. The cafe cooks up some delicious home style dishes. I recommend going for a breakfast. Choose a  fluffy  masala omelette, crispy hash browns, toast with butter with a cuppa tea. … Followed by sugar dusted waffles with maple syrup and Nutella if you still have stomach space and the urge to indulge.
Gondola Want to relish the scrumptious variety of steaks and sizzlers, then Gondola is the destination to head towards. Chicken Pepper Steak, Shashlik Sizzler along with Chinese cuisine can be tasted at the family styled restaurant. I am all set to dig in!



Hearsch Bakery  A Bandraite needs no introduction to Hearsch Bakery, situated near Holy Family hospital on Hill road. Burgers, wraps, rolls, rum balls, chicken lollipops are the top selling items. It is a place that is crowded with youngsters at any given time. It is sure to give you your money’s worth during each visit. Total taste aur paisa vasool.


Irish House The Irish House for drinks, cocktails, and appetizers. I love The Irish House for opening its new branch in Bandra. Yaaay! Now weekend Party scenes just got more happening. It’s such a fun place to chill with friends. Just chill chill, just chill!

irish house


Janata Lunch home  A small yet interesting place to visit is Janata lunch home. Drinks are cheap, and the aroma of fish will engulf you from other tables. However, you have to accommodate with people – sharing you table with others. Fabulous tava prawns, fish curry. I slurp it all up with hot steamed rice. Slurp Slurp!!



Khar Social  The most happening place in Khar. Swings at tables, funky interiors, quirky cutlery and lots more here. A sprawling place with natural sunlight filtering in during the day. The drinks and food both are excellent and innovative. Abhi tog party shuru hui hai.



Lucky Restaurant  People come to Lucky Restaurant only for the greasy masala-filled biryani. Though the décor is old fashioned, the dining experience will be a memorable one. Caramel Custard after food is a strong recommendation. Don’t miss this one even if you are bursting at your seams.



Mamagoto  Quirky pop art and Oriental anime adorns the restaurant, and adds such colour and life to the industrial, bare walls. The best part of Mamagoto is the pan Asian cuisine and drinks. Delicious dimsums with thin outer coating served up with dips are a must while ordering here.


Noodle Play  A home delivery service, Noodle play serves some spicy and delicious chinese cuisine suited for the Indian palate. Chili Basil Stir Fry, Punjabi Tadka Noodles,Hunan Gravy are some of my all time fav.Food is packed in red cardboard box accompanied with chopsticks and plastic cutleries. 29 minutes to deliver or its free.

noodle play


Out of the blue  A rustic pleasurable wine & dine experience you can get. Most popular is the Wednesday Ladies Brunch. The menu consists of salads, soups, starters, main course, pastas, pizzas and desserts. But that’s not all women get surprise prizes and lovely pampering. Hmmm. I love it.



Papa Pancho A small place but serves up some Dhabha style punjabi cuisine. Go all out and use your fingers to eat and don’t forget to drink up that tall glass of lassi. Balls balle!!


Quench  Another watering hole at Reclamation. Beer, wine and great sizzlers. The place plays some fabulous music and  overall is chirpy and full of happy people. The quirky innovative interior is what caught my eye. Don’t you love it too?

Photo Credits- Owner, Manav Chadha.


Rude Lounge A cozy outlet to be served in, this Rude Lounge in Bandra is built with FUN  in mind!  With the loudest, brattiest atmosphere, its gonna have you freaking out in no time! I had visited once with my friends and had the most crazy time of my life.



Soul Fry  This restaurant is near Pali Market,also has good sea food and live band on Monday nights. You get that feeling of being in Goa. Fantastic fried pomfrets, prawns, bombils. And service with a smile.


Theobroma  Although this place is known for its delectable dessert and lip smacking  brownies, they serve some amazing breakfast, healthy sandwiches and juices. Proud it has a Parsi owner.

Photo Credit- Zenia Irani


Udipi Bhuvan  One of the very old restaurants in the Bandra east vicinity, Udipi Bhuvan is a  simple south Indian restaurant. The flavourful sambhar will have you finsih it in one go. Try the Thali here too.

Vila Vandre Villa Vandre is the quintessential home-style restaurant in Kantwadi. A small and cosy place, it fits in barely 6 tables, they serve up fresh food with a personal touch. Some great Parsi dishes can be savoured here too. They open for breakfast too.

Photo Credits- Zenia Irani

Wok Express The new Bandra branch is worth a visit. Apart from their famous wok’s they also have accompaniments such as Dim Sum’s, Sushi, Bao’s and Bubble Tea’s. Food enthusiasts can watch their woks be stir-fried in front of their eyes with animation and flair, or opt for a speedy home delivery with the help of their  trained ninja.

Photo Credits- Zenia Irani

Yoga House  Situated in the by lane of Sherly Rajan Road, Yoga House is very close to my place. Go there not only for the Yoga classes that they organize, but for the pure, organic, vegan food they serve. And the crowd that comes there, mainly expats. It a wonderful relaxed, chilled vibe you get there. Om Shanti!!


Zaffran  Dont let the dim ambience put you off. Check out the succelent kababs and finger licking North Indian dishes on the menu. Cocktails and Hukka can be enjoyed here. So let down your hair and go ‘ Dum Maro Dum’ and forget your sorrows because Bandra eating joints all rock.

Photo Credits-


I believe that Bandra is the cultural hub of the city offering you the best of eating and drinking  choices from the cuisines world over. I hope this post encourages you to create your own A-Z list.

Till then, its Au Revoir, from SweetAnnu.

Zomato zomato


Punjabi Rivaayat@Maya, The Trident-BKC


I’ve always had a memorable experience during each Food Festival at The Trident, BKC. This time around it was at Maya, the Indian Restaurant. There is an on going Punjabi Food Festival from 12th to the 21st of January under the banner ‘Punjabi Rivaayat’. The mood was set at the Maya with the entrance adorned with flowers and dhols; a warm hostess dressed in traditional Punjabi attire greeted and took us to our table.


Chef Sweety Singh seemed to be in good spirits chatting with diners on every table, we had a chance to talk to him. He claims to have no professional degree in culinary skills yet takes pride in his Punjabi food preparations he learned from his father. He says his food is cooked with love and basic spices which he got with him for the festival. His preparations have the  home cooked meal feel. “Jaise Maa ke pyaar se bana ghar ka khaana” says Chef Sweety Singh is his inspiration of .

Check out the awesome Punjabi rustic menu


Kharode ka Shorba, I loved it. A lamb trotter soup was not just peppery but well flavoured too. A runaway hit  with the trotters.


For appetisers we had the Ajwaini Jheenga. It was such a pleasure to dig into those juicy succulent well cooked masaledaar prawns.


Tandoori Kukkad-Yet another genius dish by Chef Sweety Singh. I had to use my fingers to dig into the inner hidden masala enveloping the chicken leg. Wow, what a mouthful!


PhotoGrid_1452860062902The main course was an equally exciting affair. We had Keema Meat (Minced lamb cooked with aromatic spices), Dahi wala kukkad, Sarson Ka Saag, Machi tari wali, Dahi bhalla and Maa ki daal along with Makki di roti & Missi roti. Each dish had a unique flavour with natural colours. What a tempting spread which gets an outright 10/10.


Piping hot Khajoor Halwa
Mouth watering Gulab kheer

Meetha Sheetha, Hayo Rabba!
We were bursting at the seams now, yet the craving for desserts was high. No Punjabi meal is  complete without halwa or kheer or lassi. And yes, we had a delectable hot Khajoor halwa,  a cool soft textured Gulab Kheer and a rich yet smooth Kesari lassi. The trio being contrasting  desserts but are masterpieces in the #Rivaayat Menu. 


Punjabi Rivaayat @Maya is on till the 21st of January. Don’t  miss this opportunity  to revive  the tradional Punjabi cuisine experience.


Hey Friends!!
Say Balle Balle,
And go Shava Shava with SweetAnnu 🙂 😛


A Mangii Morning is a Good Morning

Hey, So whats your breakfast Story? Well, If you ask me I have a long one to tell so sit back and savour some delicious breakfast fare with SweetAnnu.

 The Place

Cafe Mangii has been a  landmark location in Bandra for a long time now. A quiet dinner, entertaining guests or dining during special Xmas offers, this restaurant never fails to give its diners a feisty and unforgettable experience. We were in to try the New Breakfast Menu the restaurant has launched from 7th January and will be available from 8 AM to 12 PM every day.

The Menu 

It’s not often that you see a menu where you want to try all the dishes.  There’s everything from Eggs Benedict, that traditional English muffin topped with a delicious piece of ham and poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce to the Mangii Egg Decker, creamy spinach & truffle infused scrambled egg stacked over crisp Rosti potato. Breakfast favourites  like french toast and assortment of omelettes  are also included in the menu.
The Vegetarian fare from Baked beans with Chilli cheese toast to Mushroom Florentine give an equal competition in taste and presentation to the non vegetarian dishes on the menu. 


The Dishes we savoured
So I am ranking my favourite dishes in the order of my preference

1.Egg Benedict

Eggs poached to perfection, this dish was a winner.

2.Mangii Egg Decker

The creamy spinach was to die for.

3.Mushroom Florentine

The cheesy well cooked mushrooms was the highlight of this dish.

4.Baked Beans & Chilli toast

A perfect blend of baked beans with cheese toast was well enjoyed.

5.Nutella Sub

Chocolate Hazelnut and cream cheese came really well together with Blueberry compote.

6.Buttermilk Pancakes.

Well cooked and full of flavour. Yummy with that white butter.

7.Sweet Corn Potato Rosti

A okay dish in terms of taste but presentation rocked.

8.Peppery Smoked Pimentos

Smoked peppers did justice to the omelette. The sides with deep fried potatoes tasted alot like Allo Tuks.

9. Chili Cheese Molten

Cheesy cheesy all the way with that kick of chilly.

10. Cappuchino

Frothy and perfect cuppa cappuccino.

Photo credits- FBAI

11. The Juice Bar

Fresh juices with no added sugar

Not so favourites on the Menu

1.Fondant Leeks & Asparagus

The gram flour pancake was a wee bit undercooked.

2. Belguim Waffles

A tad bit dense and had an eggy flavour.


The Cafe Mangi’s  breakfast menu, is a gourmet affair and is available through the week.  Be prepared to entice your tastebuds and have the perfect start to your day.
Cafe Mangii
022 2649810, 022 26498000
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Going Bananas over Banana leaf


SweetAnnu was off  to have breakfast on Sunday, the most important meal of the day. This time round it was a taste of South Indian cuisine. Immediately coming to mind was sweet filter coffee, medu vadas  served with piping hot sambhars, neer dosas, hot hot upma and sheera.  I was so ready to feast like a king. This bloggers meet was arranged to  taste the breakfast Menu of Banana leaf. This restaurant exhibits the cultural richness of South India, right from their food and the serving of food on banana leaves.  Their food comprises the flavours from Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. The richness in their cuisine and flavour is exceptional and truly one of a kind!

The first impression of Banana Leaf 


You can never miss this restaurant on the main road after the Andheri West signal. It has a huge green interesting signage in front of the restaurant that catches your eye instantly. The restaurant is huge with both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. They have a TV installed in the AC section where they keep displaying the different dishes on menu along with their names. Wow!! I was drooling at all those appetizing dishes. The place has a  fine-dine appeal and kind of lives up to it.


The Banana Leaf Breakfast Menu
The breakfast menu is extensive ranging from health juices to hot beverages, idlis, vadas, dosas, upma, and sheera. Each item in the menu card tempting me to relish and not miss to taste it. The rates of the dishes are very reasonably priced and portion size quite adequate.
Filter coffee for just Rs 45/- and Semiya Upma priced at Rs 70/- .Read on for more exciting dishes on the Menu 🙂

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Finally getting to the tastingIMAG3790
We started by trying the health juices. Total health booster( apple, pear and cherry) and Super health( pear, apple, ginger, sweet lime, cinnamon) It was served fresh. However a bit pulpy and with no added sugar and ice didn’t work for my palate. The health freaks can certainly try it but don’t expect some thing very tasty. With those cubes of ice now added in our drink it felt just right.

The filter coffee is a must have here

Go for the filter coffee( Rs 45) or Bournvita ( Rs 50) instead. To get that nice freshly ground aroma of coffee and the kick of caffine. Bornvita and hot chocloate both lip smacking yummy.

Crispy and so so delicious

Now for the yummy breakfast. Mini medu vadas ( Rs 60) crispy, full of flavour and not raw from the centre. This was really delicious.


Rawa upma, Semiya Upma, were served piping hot, felt vert comforting and satisfying. Loved it with all the chutney accompaniments.


The regular sheera was to die for. With the perfect sweetness and added nuts I just couldn’t stop devouring into this delicacy.




Chickoo Sheera looked like a piece of art when it arrived at the table. The taste was good but I am not a fan of chickoo when it is cooked. I rather have a Chickoo milkshake or ice cream. Cooking chickoo changes the flavour.
Neer dosa and rawa dosa can be enjoyed with all your fingers with an assortment of three different types of chutneys ,all three of which have a unique taste.



The tomato Omelettes were flavoursome and well spiced but a little undercooked. However it had an interesting flavour and looked very appetizing.

Don’t ever miss this Walnut Halwa

We didn’t want to miss anything from the main menu so ordered a Walnut Halwa. OMG !! Thank God we ordered it. It was the wow dish of the day.
On the whole Banana leaf should be visited by all with their families to savour good south Indian breakfast . Worth the visit on Sunday morning.


 SweetAnnu’s Final Report card

Ambience – 4/5 ( one mark cut for the repetitive instrumental music)
Taste – 4.5/5
Price- 4/5
Staff – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5
Filter Coffee- 5/5

Banana Leaf

Shubham CHS,
Opposite Vikram Petrol Pump,
Juhu Versova Link Road, 7 Bungalows,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400057.

Tel : 022 26239999, 022 26289090, 022 26709999, +91 9930488080
Email :

( SweetAnnu was invited to review the Breakfast menu and dined there on invitation)