Creativity soars with Colgate Magical Stories

Children and Creativity

There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly through art and craft. The ability to be creative, to make something with your hands is a joy one should never deprive a child of. Children need plenty of opportunities for creative role play and creative thinking. Being a pre school teacher I know the importance of such activities. And Colgate showed us the way to enhance creativity in our children  by providing an activity in the new pack.


Creative Colgate Packs

Reusing the Colgate pack was a brilliant concept by the makers of Colgate. When  approached by Blogadda if I would like to join this project I excitedly agreed to do so.
Spending quality time with kids, giving them the freedom to explore and creating something imaginary was on my agenda. I was sent 3 different sets of Colgate covers, each one had a unique story board and different characters. It would be further fascinating to time travel to the depths of the universe, now my excitement was at its peak.

How I got my stories

So what I decided to do on Maha Shivratri day is too call in my tuition kids and surprise them with this activity.  They were hesitant to come at first being a bank holiday but when I explained the concept they were very excited  as long as it was not going to be a study session. Both the girls readily settled on the floor with their colgate packs, scissors and glue. They started off  and really didn’t need my help or assistance. I was just sitting back and watching them enjoy. After assembling the characters and story boards together I asked them to weave a story with all of it. And this is what I got……

Story with the first pack


So our main two characters were Puja and Soham who were Nasa kids and worked in the Nasa centre. They never ever forgot to brush their teeth every morning and night. One day they were chosen in a lucky draw to represent Earth in a Seminar with other planets. They put on their space suits and bid adieu to their parents and took their blessings,not forgetting to pack their colgate dental cream. Up up they zoomed in their space rocket.  After two days and two nights( They were specific with this detail) they landed on the space station to refuel tanks and listen to some music.

Story with the second pack


Now Soham and Puja were ready to take on any adventure on the way to Venus. They spotted an UFO and decided to follow it. The UFO started shooting bows and arrows towards them. Soham decided to hide behind a comet and get closer to the object. A green Alien was the commander of the UFO. Soham offered him chocolates and they became friends. He was also on the way for the Planet Seminar.

Story with third pack


Here the story got too confusing and I had to guide them through the end. When they landed on Venus the other planets and comets gave them a welcome drink. Then they explored the planet in  a land rover. In the meantime The Sun, Jupiter and Mars got into a heated discussion. When  Soham and Puja returned they got an idea to end this fight. They put up a performance and did the Kala Chasma song and made everyone laugh. Later that night everyone had dinner and danced in the sky. They now returned to Earth with happy memories.

Wow, what a story !!

A big thank you to  Colgate for providing  such a fabulous  opportunity to create child centric  magical story with a throw away pack of Colgate. I wish  to suggest all the mother to try this activity in the  Colgate Packs  and give their children a chance to travel to a fantasy magical dream land and tell a beautiful story.  Hit the Like button or Comment, feedback is more than welcome .

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at Blogadda in association with Colgate.


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