My First BangKok trip


“Bangkok” I had heard so many travel stories about this amazing shopper’s paradise from my friends who had visited. My husband who had been there on official visits  and holidays with his friends always told me amazing stories about Bangkok. I  insisted he take me there the next time we plan a holiday, and guess what? He finally  agreed to my demands. Yippee!! In a jiffy, the hotel and flight reservations were done. Thanks to Jaya Travels.  🙂


The experience on Thai Airways was lovely because the Hostess kept filling my wine glass with my favorite red wine. Oooh, it felt so divine that I completely forgot my fear of flights. Bangkok is very charming and modern. People on the streets just keep walking or eating . Each street has its food stalls and those mixed aromas are so hard to decipher. It took me a day to settle in…

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