Some fun Preschool activities…

Learning activities  planned for preschoolers don’t have to be boring and just worksheets, making  them fun so that preschoolers love to come to school should be the main aim. This has always been a challenge for me.

Early childhood education activities and lesson plan ideas should be child centric. They can be both teacher or child directed keeping in mind that young kids learn while doing it themselves.

1) Memory Game

Get children to sit in a circle. Placing a few toys and objects in front of them . Call out each objects names. Now ask the children to shut their eyes and take out one object. Make them guess the one you have removed from the tray. It would be a good idea to give each one a turn. 

memory game

2) Treasure Hunt Game
This can be a noisy game yet will liven up the classroom. Tell one teacher to take all the children out of the classroom. Show them what you will be hiding. It could be crayons, beads, straws, felt pens, flags, etc. Let them all come in and begin the search. Make it difficult the next time. Can get wild but its great fun. Kids love repetition so keep doing it again and again. 


3) Make a Collage
Recycle your old magazines and exercise the imagination, all in one! Let children choose and cut their favorite pictures out of magazines (or help them). Then they glue them on paper, then draw and decorate all around it. Dried leaves, shells, ice cream sticks and a whole lot of other recycled objects could be used. These pictures can be pinned up on bulletin boards or pasted on the book covers to appreciate their work.

collage asss


4) Shape/Colour  Hopscotch
Get big cut outs of shapes like circle, square, triangle, star, oval, etc in different colours. Tape them lightly on the floor. Roll a dice and play a simple shape hopscotch game. This is  a fun way to work on gross motor skills along side color and shape recognition.



5) Painting with Bubble wrap
This is a great activity for some sensory play with texture and colour, and a nice introduction to printmaking. Roll some bubble wrap out onto the floor/table, squirt a few different water colour paint onto it and let the hands do the rest. Once happy with the painting, press a white sheet of paper down onto the bubble wrap for a unique print



6) Feather Transfer
If kids can handle using tongs, they might be ready to try manipulating clothes pins. This is quite a challenging skill for some kids to master because it requires the thumb and finger to work together in a pincer grasp. They can start by trying to grasp something light like feathers and transferring them from one bowl to another. Transfer beads, beans, cotton balls, even sweets. Its loads of fun.

 feather transfer

I conclude by expressing that children need to explore and be happy while learning. All I wish is to create happy thoughts and refreshing minds with wonderful memories. 
Au revior!!! From SweetAnnu ( The teacher, this time) 🙂


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