Whisper gives me wings

Most of us have been scolded by our mothers at least once for entering the Pooja room of the house when we are down with our periods. Menstruation seems like the most annoying thing because according to Hindu traditions a woman is considered impure at this time. According to the traditions, if a woman is in her periods she is not supposed to enter the temple or pooja room in the house. She should keep a distance from others in the family, should not wash or comb her hair, should not touch pickle, should not put on kajal or any type of makeup, should not enter the kitchen. In short, a woman should lead a simple life during menstruation.

You don’t seem to understand that each women are different and no one knows which women will suffer how and what problems they will be in.

I beg to differ with the olden day rules and feel maybe these rules were imposed to ensure that women rest during her period. But again I wonder what is the connection with kajal and pickle.

My Adolescence and Period stories.

Periods for me was a very stressful for those 6 days of the month. I got my first period during my vacations while visiting my Aunts house. It is till date the most embarrassing situation I have faced. I was given some cotton wrapped in gauze to use. At first I found it so uncomfortable and difficult to walk. Later on I started used a brand of sanitary napkin that had to be looped onto an elastic was worn like a panty. I felt so uneasy and insecure that I stayed at home mostly during those days.
School days were even more traumatic as we had to wear white shorts during PT class. I always ended up soiling my uniform on my second day of period. I never wore tight fitted pants or jeans during those days. Mom was liberal and allowed sis and me into the kitchen but we were not allowed to touch the pickle bottle or masala jars. How would those jars know I have my period. I still wonder why?




The New improved Whisper gives 5X Better Protection
The Whisper pad claims to be 5 times better.
1.Longer Lasting Absorption
2.Better Dryness
3.Faster Absorption
4.Better Comfort by softer Top sheet
5. Better Fragrance




Whisper gives me wings
After going down memory lane and reflecting makes me only feel so good that times have changed. I actually take a sigh of relief when I am going to school on my second day of periods. Knowing that it will be such a busy day and visiting the washroom wont be possible so frequently. But with new whisper by my side I feel confident till break time, sometimes I even forget I have my period. The new whisper quality of the pad beats any other brand outright. Its 5 times better Man!! Wooh!!




Thanks to its comfort, high absorbent capacity and dry feeling I can fly now and even attend that Zumba class I always put off. I am going to #Ownthose5Days with Whisper. Thank you for giving me wings.
You can too get your free sample here https://www.rewardme.in/whisper


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