Importance of Extra- curricular activities in Preschool

Extracurricular activities  play a vital  role in growth and development of children. Hidden talent in children are discovered and it  helps your child to develop creative abilities.  It may be gymnastics, ballet, drama  or swimming, a preschool  kids will always benefit from extracurricular activities. The social and academic benefits reaped from extracurricular activities are fantastic. However, the degree of their success depends on the parent’s positive involvement. Forcing a child do something against his/her will will not prove beneficial.

The new generation Kids


In this modern era of fast food, fast cars our kids are learning  faster than before. Staying indoors and watching TV is the problem most Moms are facing nowadays. I ask Moms one question- Do you find your kids  wasting time on video games and watching television always during his free time? Yes??


If so, involving him or her in extracurricular activities will keep them involved. It will help them to develop a new skill or hobby. Participating in extracurricular activities can have many advantages for children.  Watching television and sitting on the computer can promote weight gain, while extracurricular activities like sports keep children physically fit. They reduce chances of boredom and keep your child’s life interesting.


Types of extra curricular activities

Many schools have an integrated programme that involves Art, music, dance, yoga and drama. But what about the spare time after school. So to broadly categorize them here are a few classes I found apt for toddlers.

Gym ,  Fitness  Cardio Class
Piano , music, singing  Class
Story, creative writing class.
cooking classes

Kids Yoga
Speech and Drama class


Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Children





Make New Friends

Participating in extracurricular activities will help your child to make new friends. If your child is interested in acting, you can enroll him in an acting or drama class for children. In such places your child can meet other children who are like minded and share common interests. Sometimes, the friends your child makes are life long.

kids aaaaa

Increases  Self Confidence

Some children are not very great at academics. For such children succeeding in an activity outside of academics can be very rewarding and encouraging. Children become more self confident and learn new social skills.

Relief From Stress

In today’s world there is a lot of stress. Doing extracurricular activities helps your child to have a good time and relieve stress. Working with other children can be enjoyable and relaxing.


Cognitive Development
Cognitive development relates to a child’s ability to think and reason. Academic clubs obviously promote thinking skills, but so do interest clubs such as astronomy and book club. Community-based activities can teach children to problem-solve, while art classes encourage children to think creatively

One such Teacher I know who  runs a Speech and Drama class from her home is Parinaz Johki.  Small batches and encourages children to think creatively. Check out her poster for more details.


Contact Parinaz on 9920023679

To sum it up an extra curricular activity should be fun for our child and not for us!  Moreover extracurricular activities also turn into lifelong careers. So go on and explore around in your neighbourbood and enjoy your kids enjoy extra curricular activities.
Teacher SweetAnnu signing off 🙂

( Please note all pictures have been taken from the internet. )



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