Undeniably #MadeofGreat is SRK

People say you are just another ordinary fan of Shahrukh Khan. ‘Okay’ is all I answer adding no more controversy and further argument. However deep down inside I know that this self made superstar has inspired me in many ways.His humane character inspires me more than the characters he plays on screen. I don’t admire  him for the roles he plays on screen but the role he plays in my life.


What I admire about SRK


1. Self made Man
He’s a self made man. Not born with a silver spoon in his mouth or born into a Bollywood family. He began his career from TV serials, he rose up to what he is today with his own merit and conviction.


2. Family Man
He is a perfect family man.His wife and children are always very important to him among all his duties.

3.Sense of Humour
His sense of humour is sharp and perfect, be it a press conference or on set with his co stars. He is having fun and making the people around his light with his comic timing and witty one liners.


4. Very Energetic

One of the energetic actor of India with an exceptional agility and light foot. He can dance ,jump,run  and do actions in and outside the films. When we think about Shahrukh khan I only think of a powerhouse of energy.
5. Religious Tolerance

He believes religion is a personal thing and respects all religion. A quality we should all agree too.


My personal interactions with this Humble Actor

Shahrukh  possesses an aura, a positive vibe that inspires everyone around. That is why everyone who meets him becomes his fan instantly. This is something I understood only after meeting him. It was during the time he was shooting as host for Kaun Banega Crorepati  Season 3 in 2007 . We arrived on the sets of R K Studio and took our place in the audience After waiting for a while there was a buzz and applause as he entered. I actually strained my neck to look for him only to find a tiny, thin boyish man in a black suit waving around at the crowd. But then as the show proceeded and seeing from the interaction with the crew and his fans I gauged that I am more than a fan of Shahrukh. He is #MadeofGreat.


When we visited Mannat 


While other actors own a ‘house’, he owns a ‘Mansion.’ Owning the 3rd most expensive house in India, which is a landmark of Bandra. It is also a must visited place for my Mother Moti who is a diehard fan of SRK. On such occasion I posted the picture on twitter to which Shahrukh responded and you cant imagine the magnitude reaction to his personal tweet to me for my Mom.


He inspires,
He is a role model,
He embodies the very idea of India. He is truly undoubtedly #Madeofgreat

Its such a pleasure to know that Tata Motors new TVCs featuring Argentinean footballer  Lionel Messi as the new face of Brand. Tata motors is definitely #MadeofGreat with this collaboration. We as consumers getting the best of both worlds. Kudos.

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What do you think of Tata motors association with Lionel Messi?

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