The smartphone is the heart of the connected world.

It goes without saying that mobile technology and smartphones have transformed our lives. Tasks that we might have done on paper or manually  now takes place with our fingertips. With a light touch of the screen and we can shop, learn, navigate, and communicate—all thanks to these tiny devices called Smartphones.


My Phone addiction
The last thing I say at night is ‘goodnight’ not to my family but to my phone. Hee Hee !!  I wake up with its sweet alarm tune grabbing it to check my mail and WhatsApp messages.  It’s not because I’m addicted, it’s because my phone gets me connected to the world. It tells me the weather and quickly surf the net.It helps me navigate around traffic jams in Mumbai city . I can  keep in touch with my friends through all my social media sites Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat etc and lots more. The list can go on and on. I am proud to be a #Technocrat constantly upgrading my skills.


While smartphones still can’t make my morning tea, technology just keeps getting better. We have more and more features than ever before.
When you think about a smartphone, the general features or tricks come to mind. Playing games, browsing the web, taking photos, using Bluetooth to transfer data and download songs pictures and apps. But your smartphone can do some pretty unusual things too that you’ve probably never even considered. Here are some of the most amazing, out-there tasks your smartphone can help you conquer.
1. Scan documents
Forget the bulky scanner / fax machine combos of the late 90’s. These days most cell phones sport powerful cameras that let you do much more than snap a few photographs. Apps like CamScanner allow you to turn almost anything you can take a picture of into a PDF. Keep digital copies of business cards, receipts, or other important documents. You can even share documents via email straight from your phone or you can send documents to a land-line fax machine.


2. Identify things
Have you ever looked at something and have no clue what it is ?  or what it does? Or has the name for it been on the tip of your tongue, driving you crazy that you can’t remember what it’s called? Now with the Google Goggles app (for Android only), just snap a picture of a product, painting, barcode, famous landmark, or popular image. If Google can match your picture to something in its database, it will provide you with useful information. Wow, Awesome isnt it?
My Micromax Journey
Did you know the my first smartphone was a Micromax Viva I had won in a twitter contest hosted by their twitter handle on Mothers Day. My first ever association with a smartphone and upgrade from my blackberry. I was the happiest person as it was easy to use, smart looking and got me so many admirers. It always took decent pictures and never let me down. 🙂


My Selfie with my first Micromax



Micromax Sliver 5

However with the advancement of technology Micromax now has the privilege of declaring the slimmest phone ever. The features of the are Micromax Sliver 5 Q450 (White-Champagne) are so amazing.
Version 5.0 (Lollipop)
• Internal Memory 16GB, 2GB RAM
• Processor Quad Core
• Screen Size 4.8 inches
• Sensor Resolution 8MP
• Version 5.0 (Lollipop)
• Internal Memory 16GB, 2GB RAM
• Processor Quad Core
• Screen Size 4.8 inches
• Sensor Resolution 8MP

Available on Amazon for just INR 14999/- I have added it to my wishlist.
Check the link here