Being a young mom and juggling my career as a preschool teacher was a truly challenging one. I had the added responsibility of shaping young lives and more over creating the right impression in the mind of my growing daughter Zenia Irani.
Back then my routine life involved going to school with my daughter – she as a young student and me as a teacher at the starting point of my career. A regular morning would comprise of packing tiffins, morning chores and getting ready to get the school bus on time and not be late.
After getting ready little Zenia would hide behind the curtains and watch me get ready for school. I always wore dark lipstick, a round bindi and dupatta draped over my shoulders back then. She would sweetly smile and blush as she’d watch me get ready.

As I continued teaching, I found myself receiving much more than I was giving. Pre-schoolers are innocent and accept what comes their way with very little resistance. Looking back on my daughter’s preschool days I still remember her deep concentration and silent observation when she visited my class, seeing me interacting and teaching kids.
There was a pleasant atmosphere floating in my home too, when we would sit on the dining table together to get her homework done. I always had to complete my lesson plans or teaching aids. Computers had not yet visited our world back then.

After the bag got packed for the next day the roles reversed at home, my little bundle of joy got to play the role of the teacher. She instantly draped her tiny bed sheet around her shoulders and pulled off my bindi from the mirror carefully planting it on her forehead. All her dolls and teddies came out of the tub to line up as students. She first recited the Morning Prayer and called out their names. She maintained an attendance register scribbling with her pencil. It was just like I did in school as she would observe me closely when I took her to class.
My husband and I enjoyed this part when she would rope us in as students and make us recite nursery rhymes and applaud for us.
The influence that mothers have on their children is unparalleled. In fact, the mother’s way of doing things is considered the perfect way universally just like in my case.

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