Indiblogger’s & Dabur’s Frizz to Fantastic Hair Bloggers Meet

SweetAnnu’s  Inbox – You got mail…
RSVP – Affirmative. Yaay, Happy to attend.
Date- Saturday 10th October 2015
Venue- B J Hall, Vile Parle
Time- 11-30 AM.

#FrizzFreeHair Event by Indibloggers and Dabur

1.On D Day- 
It was sheer delight to attend my first ever Indiblogger’s meet. I finished all my Saturday chores,  included a simple hairdo,  a green tee and accessories to get into the mood of the event.

2. Check list on arrival
Registration done  ✔
Greetings done ✔
Selfie taken ✔


A day well spent in her company

3. Now for some Introductions-

There was a mix of some  first timers like me and some who never miss the Indiblogger’s event ever. I was pretty impressed with some of the lady speakers. Also got to meet the bold vivacious and debonair Ms Geetha Sridhar. Wow is all I can say. What a Lady and hats off to her spirit!!


4. Some Cool music and Head banging-

The Indiband was the coolest band playing. Each and every one up on that stage was a Rockstar. We all were asked to shake our heads and sing along. I actually enjoyed myself immensely especially -Pink Floyd….

Teacher leave them kids alone….
We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control…
The teacher in me was wondering if I  should really leave those kids alone. But nonetheless added Another Brick in the wall.
5. The Product Launch –
1940  was the year the first branded Hair Oil.. Dabur Amla Hair Oil was launched and today was the  unveiling of Dabur Jasmine non sticky coconut oil. The audio visual and speakers engaged the bloggers. It was dramatic with a spray of Jasmine fragrance all over the room. A larger than life size bottle slowly popped up on the stage in a cloud of smoke.

Here I lost.

6. Stone Paper Scissor-
My childhood memories came gushing back and so did the pink in my cheeks every time I beat my co blogger friend and messed up her hair. I survived a few rounds only to lose at the end and get my hair messed up. Cool no issues.. The kid in me was happy.


I had my moment too.

7. Final Moments-
Some bloggers got up to share their tried and tested hair remedies. Its an irony that the confidence you have to teach kids vanishes when you are in front of people your age. It was my moment- Now or never….. I gathered the courage and spoke my heart. Thankful that  I did that.


The delicious Ras Malai

8. Yaay … Food Finally –
A bumper buffet lunch followed and more exchanges with like minded people. SweetAnnu loved the mini pizzas, ras malai and Ferroro Rocher ice cream.



9. Bloggers get pampered –
The Champi Station is now open! Get a champi, shampoo and a blow dry to be ready for Saturday night. Need to apologize to some fellow bloggers who were waiting in line. I saw the seat empty and the sweet hair dresser obliged  me as my hair is short and I really didnt want any hair style.I  just wanted to  feel the product “Dabur Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil” I liked the non oily feel and mild floral fragrance.


The New Dabur Jasmine Hair oil.

Happily Ever After-


Hey, Do try to spot me at the back.

The  group picture clicked with alot of Gusto. And there was more,  I also won a twitter contest by Indibloggers on the previous day for posting pictures in my green attire. And furthermore I got to bring home a lovely goodie bag containing , Dabur Vatika Jasmine Hair Oil, Coconut Hair oil and a Philips Smooth & Shine Hair Straightener.

All I can say is now ” Frizzy to fantastic hair” is on its way.
P.S- Hope to find time and write a detailed Product review. Au revoir until we meet again.