An #UnlikeBoring Teachers’ Day

There is a voice inside of me
That whispers all day long,
A profession I chose for convenience?
or is teaching where I belong?
I feel this is right for me,
I know its not wrong,
Children bring a smile to my face,
My teaching memories I will treasure lifelong.


W for Women , one of ‘s largest wear brand was hosting an #unlikeboringTeachersDay Contest at that time and I felt I should pen down my thoughts on this special Day. So read on….. 


I had some teachers that I still think of fondly of and were amazing to me during my schooling. One of them being my Mom who was a Physical Education teacher in the same school I studied in. This 5th September 2015 is going to be iconic in my life. It’s going to be another memorable day in my life as a teacher. It not only being special to me but my Mother Ms Moti Irani too.  This personal invitation went out to all the previous teachers who had retired in the tenure of our present Principal including my Mom. The excitement  was really high as she would be visiting her school after 13 long years. Can you imagine the feeling she would experience when she would step into that huge wooden gymnasium where she took her PT classes everyday or looking  into the eyes of lady Avabai , a morning ritual she performed for 25 long years every morning on entering the school.



The day arrived, excited, nervous and anxious was I just like a little preschool child who was entering school for the first time. My Mom arrived sharp at 11 am at the time of the invitation. With a very warm welcome and after being greeted by all her past colleagues she entered the gym and took her seat. I could only see her beaming with a magnitude of happiness. Her eyes were moist and so were mine. Brushing away those tears I tried to smile quickly fetching my mobile camera  to capture some pictures.

The celebrations and felicitations had just begun. All those special invitees were called up on stage. They were presented with a shawl, coconut, chocolates and memento but there was more. The warmth of the greeting, that hug and those golden words spoken by my Principal acknowledging all those on stage and a few who were no more was the high light of this totally unique teachers day ever. The STD Xth children entertained us by dancing on some old and new Bollywood numbers. A sumptuous lunch in the Marble hall awaited us with live music being played by the DJ. Laughter, fun and selfies were the flow of the moment.




Thank you Ms Balakrishnan, teachers, students of Petit  for making it the most  memorable #Unlikeboring Teachers Day for us, something to be treasured above everything in the life of a teacher.

A big Thank you to all my teachers for teaching me about life in general. I have been inspired to become a teacher watching you teach. I learned not only about being compassionate towards teaching, but core values as well. Lastly, Thanks you for investing time in me!



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