Brew-Ger festival at The United Sports Bar and Grill

If you’re really trying to beat the mid-week blues then try this combination of burgers and beer. It is a match made in heaven. So true na? I was invited to experience the Brew-Ger festival  featuring a meal combo of both. This was packed into a neat little offer at The United and comes at a price you never thought was possible! Walk in at The United Sports Bar and Grill and grab your slice of heaven yourself. 🙂

The Signage at the entrance

Sister Bonding:
It was a night of sister bonding at Infiniti Mall – Malad. My sister Farzeen was raving about the fish platter she had at The Manchester United earlier( Now The United) last year and the great offers at Happy Hours. We decided to visit and were pleasantly surprised….

A bud in hand= Happy Sister

I love the the whole concept of a Sports bar. A place to unwind over a few beers with best buddies cheering your favourite sports team. There is a  larger than life screen with real clear picture quality for great viewing. A fun vibe and peppy music adds to the masti and mood. I  loved the red tables that were so inviting and seating arrangements for larger groups. A sprawling bar with well stocked spirits to keep you in high spirits.

The larger than life TV screen

Highlight of the Evening- FOOD:

The delectable Platters
Non veg Sliders with sides
Sliders from all Over the world

It was a  visual treat as the sliders  arrived on the table. Just like a footballer strike a goal in a finale match, the platter scored too. Yes adorned with pretty flags of the country they represented and served with generous amount  of fries, salad and four dips, each one was worth having that night. We got to try the  4 varients in vegetarian  and Non vegetarian and rated them from ranks from 1 to 4. Psst Psst- The teacher in me always get out, even to blog on food.
1. Lebantine- Sis and me both went Ga Ga over this one, crispy chicken and soft bun.
2.DesiPataka- Grilled indian masala flavoured chicken pieces with onions in a bun. Just how the Indians like it but that ghatti masala was not the perfect component to serve with. Maybe a phudina mint chutney would go  better with this slider.
3.Uncle Sams- Yes. This one was juicy and flavoursome with the Mayo.
4. Salsa-Licious- This slider went happily down with the salsa  sauce and that chilled beer.
With a belly full of burgers and beer, I didn’t have stomach space to  try the veg variants, but my Mom did try them back home. She had the Indian one and said it was a modified version on a Vada Pau but enjoyed it none the less.

The Brew-Ger Menu:
Choose from 12 appetizing flavors from around the world –
•    English Classic Veg and Non Veg
•    Salsa-licious Veg and Non Veg
•    Lebantine Veg and Non Veg
•    DesiPatakha Veg and Non Veg
•    Uncle Sam’s Chicken and Buffalo Meat
•    Jaunty Jamaican Fish and Crab

Sipping on some Iced tea

Service with a smile:
The staff at The United were friendly and attentive. The service was smooth and we received the food within 20 minutes after ordering. They were courteous  and observant to refill our water glasses and obliged  to take pictures too .

Final Verdict :
Go try some sliders  over the weekend with your friends. The Festival is on till the 13th of September.
Offer :
Choice of burger and 1 pint of Budweiser Beer, Slider with 4 mini burgers and 2 pints of Budweiser beer
Price:Rs. 280 onwards
Address: The United Sports Bar & Grill
• R-city Mall, Ghatkopar
• Infinity 2, Malad West
• Viviana Mall, Thane west
• Amanora Town Centre, Amanora Park

Find the  “The United” on :

A Cheers with Buds from SweetAnnu . Au Revoir friends until we meet again   🙂


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