Wow Popcorns, Wows You

Doesn’t Popcorn take you back to childhood days, munching on only the salted variety which was available at that time ? It is the ultimate snack that gets me excited at the movies even today. I always grab that large tub of caramel + Cheese popcorn.


Had a taste of all the flavours


The sturdy WOW tubs

Now its time to get WOWed

WOW Popcorn is a one-of-its-kind popcorn outlet chain, which brings you the finest quality of corn kernels sourced from only the best plantations around the world. WOW Popcorn came into existence in Mumbai on April 28th, 2013 after a thorough search across the land revealed that a popcorn craving would never be satisfied, unless someone decided to bring the WOW experience into the city.


The Bandra WOW Popcorn Store


Click a Pic with WOW

I visited the Carter Road branch and was pleasantly greeted by Suraj  Kshirsager- the shift  Manager who explained to me all about the  mind blowing new flavours that are creating the WOW factor in the popcorn world.

Each Popcorn was served up in a cute little shot glass, loved the idea of popcorn shots. Taste it to choose what your palate loves the best.


Cocoamello, Cheese, Caramel


Taste them All



So SweetAnnu had a taste of each flavour and here is my order from best to least favourite.

 1.Famously Caramel ( Caramel Popcorn)- I loved the crunchy and sweet taste of caramel and popcorn. My favourite of them all.
2. Mumbai Cheese Tadka Here we have something different and very addictive. Every Mumbaikar is looking for some spice and this flavour has it all with a perfect blend of cheese and powdered spices. Go for it!!!
3. Cocoamello –  ( Caramel with chocolate) The rich caramel popcorn laced with chocolate is crackling, sweet, irresistible and lip smacking.

4. Mexicano- ( contains Garlic) I liked the distinct flavour of garlic. This slightly pungent taste needs to be developed and I suggest try it, its different.
5.Say Cheese- ( Cheese popcorn) However much I like cheese I was more eager to try out different flavours. Cheese is my regular at Globus and Suburbia 🙂

6. Sizzling Pudina-  Every bite gives you a refreshing minty flavour, quite likeable for a new taster like me. I found it quite  interesting and fun to munch.

7. Sour Cream and Onion- A relatively new flavour, just like Lays chips. I felt the taste was not so compatible to popcorn and goes better with chips but you may like it so try it nonetheless.

8. Salted  Bolted  AND Utter butter  Flutter-  Here we have the classic salted and butter popcorn version. Salted for the diet conscious and Utter Butter for the foodie like me.


I recommend it  if you want the best of both top selling flavours. Go grab yr tub of Cheese and caramel and go WOW WOW WOW.
The best part of WOW Popcorn, It gives you so many options-

1. Personalized messages with yr name on box. Check mine out.


The 3 sizes available

2. Enhance every occasion be it parties, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries  and events because we all love popcorn, Don’t we?




Wow is truly Wow


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