Experience the Shiro Collection.

Hi Friends,
Just open each steamed delicious cane basket and say Khul Jaa Dim Sum with me in this post.
Shiro’s  Mumbai hosted my daughter Zenia Irani aka branded bawi  and me to come and dine during their Dim Sum festival, they so proudly showcased as ” The Shiro Collection.” It was an extensive special menu with so many varieties of dim sums   for both Vegetarians and Non vegetation foodies .It was my first time visiting Shiro and my excitement was beyond bounds. Check https://www.zomato.com/mumbai/shiro-worli for the Menu.

The Ambience-



The Giant Statue overlooking us while we dine


The pretty lit Bar is a great place to hang out

On entering through that huge door I felt a total transformation from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai  to another land. Shiro is a huge Resto lounge, one needed to embrace  the Shiro spirit and let every experience becomes an everlasting memory.  I couldn’t help admiring the Giant figurine  fountain statue. There was a calm, sense of purity with the flowing water and an immediate upliftment of my spirit. Every thing was larger than life, large staircase, large mirrors and a very high ceiling. Was  my dining experience as large as the place, yes it certainly was, so read on…….
The dining experience


My perfect dining partner- Zenia

Seated comfortably on our lounge sofa Zenia and I ordered our 6 Dim Sum baskets. We were also visited by Chef Sandeep who explained each Dim sum type and suggested some we should try too, to get a tasting experience of every kind on the special menu.


Refreshing Rose in Bloom tea

We were served Rose in Bloom tea ( A herbal tea mixture that combines rose petals, liquorice, aniseed, fennel, white pepper, black pepper, nutmeg. Inspired by the rose gardens of Persia) till our baskets arrived. This fresh brew claims to cool your body down and is excellent for digestion.


Khul Jaa Dimsum

Now sit back and say KHUL JAAA  DIM SUM ……


The oyster chicken and sticky rice Dumpling – It was  Marinated chicken with Shitake mushrooms tossed in sticky rice. The dim sum was cooked to perfection tasting more than yummy with the chilly sauce.


The Phoenix eye dumpling- This  was my favourite looking Dumpling of the day. The edamame beans shone like emeralds making these dim sums ever so delicate and pretty to look at. The prawn filling  evoked a strong fishy flavour the minute you bite into it. OOh so yummm!!


Fish in Laska Sauce- This succulent  flaky Basa flavoured in laska sauce was a stunner too. Distinct black bean taste was the highlight, I enjoy all my sea food. My second best dish of the day.


Pork ribs with sweet chilly & black bean sauce- And the test to see the pork was well cooked is to take one bite and see if the rest falls of the bone. Voila!!! It just fell off making me use my fingers to lick the saucy flavours.

Chicken pearl dumpling – This was minced chicken flavoured with 5 spice powder & oyster sauce, rolled in sticky rice and steamed. It had a peculiar texture to it which I didn’t quite fancy but you just might!


Prawn nest dumplingSteamed to perfection the prawn nest dumpling had a  robust prawn taste. I love the prawn in the middle imbibed the flavour of the sauce and the crispy coating. Match made in heaven. My personal best that evening. I always loved prawns and  always will! Really enjoyable!

Just when we thought we were done, Surprise!! Surprise!! Chef sent us two baskets of dimsums to taste.
Crab Meat Dim sum – The beautiful taste of fresh crab meat inn that soft perfectly cooked paper thin coating. It was was pleasantly flavourful and steamed to perfection.


With barely any stomach space left, we still made our way towards the final Dim sum of our meal
Chicken buns- They  were huge and filled with deliciously flavoured chicken, however the coating was a bit thick and the bun was huge.

Overall report-
A must visit  to Shiro  if your a fan of music! Relived Top of the Pops with Abba, Beatles, Rick Ashley and some more of my favourite  yesteryear artists. It was fun humming them and tapping my foot to my best melodies. I must admit that the food does play a good supporting role to it!  Would recommend it for romantic as well as family dinners also for a fun evening with buddies. The Shiro Collection menu seems exotic. Would like to try out the others on my next visit. So go and visit before the 28th of July.



Now coming to the price, they are very fair at pricing them at Rs 240 onwards for a portion and it becomes a steal (more for the non-vegetarians which starts at Rs 300 a basket) when they charge Rs 900 for 4, Rs 1300 for 6 and Rs 1900 for 9 baskets. So people group up!


Address: Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025
Phone:022 6651 1207

 Open today · 12:30 – 3:30 pm, 7:30 pm – 1:00

Great Job Shiro Team!
Until Next time ….
Its SweetAnnu signing off with a belly full of delicious Dimsums