BBQ Night at JW Marriott- Sahar

Mumbai rains are magical with the lowering down of temperature and then it all begins. The food cravings start making you feel absolutely crazy. Its time to dig into a plate of hot spicy kababs, chaat, grilled tikkas, all this done indulging carefree without counting those dreaded calories. It was the right time to get an invite from Fat Toxic Bawarchi (FTB) along with JW Marriott Sahar to a blogger’s table on Saturday the 20th June 2015, for a food filled evening and to enjoy the BBQ Night.
Ambience of J W Cafe
I had read and heard so much about the lavish buffet spread at JW Cafe from fellow bloggers and my daughter BrandedBawi who recently attended a Easter Sunday Brunch. The JW Cafe ambience is clean and classy. Boasting of an area enough to fit in around 200 people this cafe is certainly spacious and well laid out. It serves food of different cuisines around the world. Our bloggers table was right in the middle and had a pretty all round view of the cafe.

The confident Chef Danish Merchant
Chef Danish Merchant-
Senior Sous Chef took us on a tour of the buffet, introducing the different chefs specializing in those cuisines, manning the counter. During the flow of the evening I saw him checking out the details on every counter and he charmingly obliged us by answering all our queries. Truly a master, Kudos on managing such a lavish buffet, making  sure we enjoy the evening and the renowned Marriott  hospitality.
The Buffet tour-
This is a Buffet set for a king. You really need to skip all three previous meals of the day to enjoy this scrumptious barbecue food filled buffet. It offers   variety of cuisine you cant even imagine. They have wide spread available from Chinese, Thai, Continental, Japanese, Middle Eastern and of course ” Balle Balle” Indian Cuisine .
IMAG1546There is a sushi counter for authentic sushi lovers.
IMAG1549Shawarma and some authentic arabic dishes for some middle eastern influence.
IMAG1538They have a live soup and roti counter, where you can make your own soup by adding the ingredients and flavours of your liking.
IMAG1565Live pasta and pizza station.
IMAG1537The Indian section had a great assortment of pickles and chutneys.
IMAG1551Their waffles are undoubtedly the best and they are proud about it ! 🙂
IMAG1547Vegetarian mushroom, paneer, pineapple waiting to be put on the skillet.
IMAG1550The Salad bar had a pretty good variety, with vegetables laid out separately, a huge salad bowl to toss up your own salad in a bowl with sauces and seasonings.
IMAG1567 They had a very good variety of cheeses. Some I tried and tasted for the first time.
IMAG1540Assorted freshly baked bread served up with herb butter.
IMAG1554There is a separate candy counter with marshmallows, gummy bears and other candies.
IMAG1559Plus one look at the dessert station makes you feel like a child again wanting it all. Phew that’s a lot. At one point I lost count of the number of food counters. I guess so will you.
The first selfie of the day at the bloggers table.

The Barbecue Section-

Meats ready to barbacue


The highlight of Barbecue Saturdays is the live carving station featuring Tender Lamb Leg, which is succulent melt in the mouth tender. Slow Roasted Poultry and Roasted Herbed Chicken with its accompaniments will be a treat for the white meat lovers. Additionally, Tawa Macchi, Masala Jhinga, Chapli Kebabs are a few of the authentic sub-continental dishes on the menu. So lets head straight to the Bloggers table now.
Bloggers Table-
Take a deep breath now coz you are about to witness all the food we tasted, relished and spoke about that evening.

Delicious Mango cream with caramel drink
Lamb Wellington, Chicken Wings, Grilled Prawns and Veggies
Kachori chat, samosa chaat and sev puri
The crusty cheesy  Chicken Pizza
Bite size Chicken Shawarma

 The flavours were there but a tad bit dry and chewy.


Vegetarian Grilled Platter
Tikkas, Sheek , Kababs and more

A special mention to the Sheek kababs on this platter. They were a perfect explosion of flavours and spice that went really well with the mint chutney served with it.


Chicken Satay with peanut sauce
Best waffle for me, served up with chocolate ice cream
Crisp from the outside and soft from within.
Crisp from the outside and soft from within.
Droolworthy Kulfi with Rabri

The recommended Fig tart

I was not very impressed by the fig tart. The taste didn’t do much for my palate. A bit dry, crumbly and less sweet. However you have lots of other options to make it up.

Crepes served with Cream and Nutella.

There are super big selections of desserts and chocolates. I had a bite of the salted caramel pudding  and was really impressed, so went back to have another.  Desserts included kulfi, barfis, ice creams and a variety of Indian sweetmeats, pastries, tarts, cheese cakes and brownies. The bite size desserts make it easier to try most of the desserts displayed.

Final verdict-
I loved the overall dining experience at JW Cafe. The fantastic  variety  food and efficient staff, the meal is definitely  worth the price. I am surely going for more!
The evening ended with a group photograph  with the Fat Toxic Barwarchi Trio and my other fellow friends.
BBQ Night which is held every Saturday at the JW Cafe.
Restaurant: JW Café, JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai Sahar
Time :7pm – 11pm 
Pricing: Non-alcoholic – 1555+taxes for buffet & barbecue Unlimited beer for additional 1111+taxes
Au revior till we meet again. Its sweetAnnu signing out with a belly full of heavenly food.