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Making positive changes to eating and physical activity does not have to mean giving up eating well or tastefully. It means understanding how healthier foods can fit into your lifestyle rather than making your lifestyle fit into the demand for healthier foods. So this Sunday The Food Bloggers Association of India along with Vinod Cookware had organised an interesting informative and fun Bloggers Meet followed by lunch at Out of The Blue, Bandra, Mumbai.

About Vinod Cookware-

 Established at a time when Indian kitchens were far away from influences of Western modernities, Vinod had modest beginnings in 1963. Being the pioneer of ‘Sandwich bottom’ in the cookware, Vinod has already set its trademark in this industry. More than 25 years in the industry and keeping quality of the products in control the team of Vinod Cookware decided to go out of the way ensure that all the invited bloggers expectations were met with its new range of products.

Product Range

1. Pressure Cookers-

I can vouch for the Vinod Pressure cooker as I am using this product for the past three years at home. It is sturdy and the food doesn’t stick to the bottom while cooking. I learnt today that this is due to the heavy sandwich bottom material. The special sandwich bottom ensures even cooking, preventing food from getting burnt. Maximum safety with gasket release system and a fusible safety valve. Stainless steel ensures hygienic and contamination free cooking. It has a long design handle for better grip.

2. Zest Inducto Cookware


5 in onec

I was very impressed by this range of utensils. This range comprises of extra deep robustly constructed cooking pots. They have a mirror finish that looks very classy when displayed with food on the dining table. It has seamless stainless Steel handles and knobs for heat resistance. The three-piece Zest Inducto set encompasses a Concave Tawa (26.5 cm), a Deep Fry Pan (24 cm) and a Deep Kadai (24 cm) that comes along with a common lid for frypan and kadai.
Price- You can own this International quality set starting from Rs. 1,100/ – to Rs.5,745/- along with a 12 month guarantee too.

3. Black Pearl Range –


The Black pearl range of Vinod Cookware was beautiful just like the Black pearl. The cookware has been designed in black pearl style, ensuring that you don’t have to use much oil for preparing crispy and tasty food. The hard anodised cookware with its stylish look and features will definitely add zing to your kitchen. It includes variety of products namely saucepan, handi , deep fry pan , kadai, tawa, tadka pan, all-purpose pan, cook and serve pots with glass vent lids.
Price- The 3 piece combo set of ‘Black Pearl’ range priced affordably at Rs. 2,500/- with 5 Years of guarantee, is a perfect gifting companion to every Indian Home.

4. Vito Health Range –


The best cooks of the world know the magic of low temperature cooking, and Vito Health’s Thermo Knob feature just enhances that. It controls the food preparation process keeping the food’s nutrient intact. With the convenience of never-heating, ergonomic handles, Vinod’s Vito Health range makes cooking a seamless experience. The thermal technology introduced first time in the cookware range ensure
the food does not stick to the bottom while you cooking.
Price- The complete range of intelligent, world-class companions for the urban kitchen range starts from Rs 3,407/- to Rs 5,145/- making it worth a steal

5. Tri-Ply range – Signature-

The traditional Indian dining table demands for a complete course of meal at one time which definitely consumes a lot of time while cooking. Keeping this in mind Vinod presents you the Signature Cookware range that ensure quick cooking and serving letting you complete the chore in no time. The signature range is classically styled and polished with stainless steel exterior and as a tin finished interior including a variety of products for the smart Indian kitchens namely Saucepan, Saucepot, & Kadai.
Price- The stylishly crafted ‘Signature’ range is priced affordably at Rs.1, 880/- to Rs. 2,590/-, a complete must have for Indian Kitchens.

6. Vinod Induction Cook Top-

Vinod Cookware has also introduced the cook top, its pure copper coiled cook top, hence maintenance free and having longer life than regular cook tops.

A full House at  “Out of the Blue”

I simply love going to Out of the Blue for the Wednesday Women’s Day luncheon. Its a fun meal  over good  food with friends. Out of the Blue lives up to its food quality and taste. This Sunday was different with a Bloggers meet savouring yummy set menu by the restaurant and checking out Vinod Cookware products.  Being a Sunday afternoon most of the bloggers could make it for the event. The menu for today was interesting and I wanted to try out every dish.



Starters- Out of the Blue Bruschettas went very well with the Merlot white wine Sangria I had.  I especially liked the Tempura fried crispy Babycorn with spicy sauce, Red eye chicken and Spicy grilled Basa. The best starter of the day had to be the crispy baby corn as it was piping hot and flavoursome. The  one I really found least impressive was the  Chicken Chermoula, as I found it abit extra salty.


Sangria and Starters

Main Course- Pasta was creamy and very rich. The portion was huge and could be easily had by two people. The Sizzler portion size was enough for one. The basa fish sizzler I had grilled to perfection. The caramelized onions were done very well.

Dessert- Sizzling brownie is a must have dessert at Out of the blue however the fondue that day  didn’t live up to my expectations.
The FBAI Meet- Ups never end without the group photograph, so here is the one we clicked that day.

Psst- Do try to spot me.

Psst- Do try to spot me.

I must thank Vinod Cookware for the generous Black Pearl 3 in one gift set we received when the event was over. I can look forward to loads of healthy, oil free cooking in these Gen Next utensils.

The beautiful 3 piece gift Set

The beautiful 3 piece gift Set

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( The author was invited by FBAI and Vinod Cookware for a product launch event and dining experience at Out of the Blue- Bandra)