Lets Fine Dine at “The Punjab Grill”

Its summer time and Mumbai can get really hot and sultry, simply draining you out. You just want to live on juices and palti Chaas the whole day. It was at this time I got an invite from Punjab Grill and FBAI to check out their new Summer Menu and have a Connoisseur’s Experience at their newly opened outlet in Andheri West. I am not a big fan of Punjabi food except for butter Chicken and Garlic Naan which I can gobble if given every day. None the less, invitation accepted, all set for  the scrumptious summer surprise.

The E invite

The E invite

The Summer Special Menu

The Summer Special Menu

A little about Punjab Grill
Punjab Grill has branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Singapore and Mumbai- This branch of Punjab Grill is newly opened, they are also planning to open branches in Bangkok and Dubai in the near future.


The Punjab Grill Restaurant entrance


A warm welcome to us bloggers

You can never miss the huge well lit, friendly signage of Punjab grill. The hostesses greeted me at the reception with a pretty floral gajra, she tied to my wrist and gracefully took pictures, guiding me to the  banquet room where my fellow foodie bloggers were seated.


The View of the Bar- Photo credit Captain Rish

Lighting was so pretty, lamps hanging from the ceiling, classic interior and tasteful decor. The ambience is nice and welcoming, the staff were very courteous and helpful. Once seated I was very  comfortable. I especially loved the white crockery and all that good cutlery laid out on the table. It was gonna be a real pleasure to fine dine at the Punjab Grill.


Flower Power to everyone

CFD88lVVIAAwy_c.jpg large

Punjab Grill Coaster

We were all here to savour and flavour the ” Summer Special Menu”. So here goes the food review.
Quality quantity and taste are 3 things I look at when it comes to food. Punjab Grill has a high ranking in all three categories.


Refreshing Jamun Iced Tea

1) Jamum Iced Tea-  We were served a Jamum Iced tea. It was so refreshing on the first sip that I forgot the Mumbai Heat. There was no added sweetener and the actual pulp and taste of jamun came gushing to my palate through the straw.


Pickled Olive Bhel

2) Pickled Olive Bhel- Very cute and colourful to look at, it was served in a little tea glass with a wooden spoon.  The taste was different and quite enjoyable. A tad bit chewy for my liking.



Tandoori Guchchi and mixed Lettuce salad

3) Tandoori Guchchi, mixed Lettuce Salad with Burani Raita Dressing- Now this dish made my eyes pop and excite me like a little child. It had such pleasing flavours and melted away in the mouth. The taste, crunch and whole dish in totality I enjoyed immensely .


Norwegian Salmon Tikka

4) Norwegian Salmon Tikka-  Uff,  Maar daala! When cut open it blushed a deep pink conveying to me how perfectly cooked it would be. Oh Yes!!  It was. Kudos to the chef on this delectable dish. 🙂


Tava Grilled Prawns

5) Tava Grilled Prawns- This superbly presented dish was cooked to perfection. The spices were embalmed into the Jhinga and yet another spectacular dish of the evening.


Chaamp Taajdar

6) Chaamp Taajdar- The name suggests Lamb chops, yes but may I add that this flavour of smokiness and the tenderness of the meat was par excellence. The chef added on how it had been slow cooking for 24 hours. Truly this dish can be ordered again on my next visit. The chef gets a 10 on 10 from this foodie Teacher.


Malai Murg Tikka

7) Malai Murg Tikka – These tikkas were the most amazing tender tikkas I have had in a long long time.


Stuffed Mushrooms


Tava Asparagus

7) Vegetarian Starters- The tandoori Paneer, Stuffed mushrooms  and Tawa Asparagus were well enjoyed by my Vegetarian foodie Friend Aishwariya and vouched for the well balanced taste and smooth texture.  She was digging into her plate in spite of being stuffed after a heavy lunch. That speaks volumes about the dishes.


Its Selfie time

By now We were all stuffed with appetizers and starters. Time for some gupshup, selfie and enjoying the foot tapping music that was playing. The servers kept changing the cutlery and refilling our glasses. The Raw Mango Sorbet was served up. It was tangy and that added crunchy Pomello just took it to another level. Too refreshing and perfect for summers. I sipped on this  perfect blend of raw mango, spices and fresh Pomello wishing this night went on forever.


Raw Mango Sorbet

Main Course-
Punjabi food is incomplete without its gravy dishes and Parathas. I loved the creamy Paneer Malai Pede, packed with  flavour and the creamy heavenly tasting gravy was splendid. The paneer was softer cotton candy. Hee Hee!


Paneer Malai Pede

Rarhya Meat – It was soft succulent meat cooked in garam masala. The chef that taken special efforts to cut down on oil and masala, as it was a summer special dish. It worked so well with the Garlic Naan.


Yummy Rarhya Meat


Hot Butter Naan

I had a small helping of Palak Makkai and scooped up some spoons of Dal  Panjratani. Both these dishes were pretty decent.


Palak Makkai


Dal Panjratani

So the cravings began when main was being served and I was waiting for  Butter chicken, a typical north Indian classical dish that cannot be missed on any Punjabi Menu. This one had the right consistency, the chicken pieces were quite big but tender and not chewy. It lacked that typical orange colour though and real spicy flavour that gets your nose to run. But then this was a Summer Special menu and the chef that taken care of not getting it to spiced up.


Butter Chicken

I’ve eaten a lot of biryani and no biryani has ever tasted same to me. The Bahurangi Biryani was a vegetarian Biryani. I prefer a nice meaty piece of chicken biryani but this one was pleasantly nice. Light and easy, each rice grain was glazed and cooked to perfection.


Bahurangi Biryani


Dessert Time-
Like I always mention my weakness for sweets in every blogpost, this is no exception.  I was hoping that the Summer Dessert Platter would be the highlight of the evening. And yes, OH MY GOD it was. The chef came and explained to us about this breath taking  beautiful display of delicious desserts. They had kept the summer concept on top priority while compiling this platter. This was presented on a cool bed of crushed ice. There were sorbets, Rasmalai, fun fruity fruit cut and displayed in exotic ways but what stole the attention  was the Churros and Rabri combination. With a crunch of the churros and that cold custardy rabri the combination rocked.  Very Summery indeed. Thank God, I always keep stomach space for desserts.


The unforgettable Summer Dessert Platter

After all that Gourmet food, it was perfectly rounded off by the
Paan shot. Liquid Paan in a shot glass. My ffiend Afsha suggested I gulb the whole thing down instead of using a spoon. I took her advice and wow, I was glad I did. It was so fulfilling and wonderful. I guess now my meal was complete.


The Paan Shots

Final Verdict-
A fine place to fine dine, entertain guests and have special quality time with family. You not be disappointing at all. I will not be able to furnish you with the details on pricing as I was invited to dine at The Punjab Grill.

We were all done with The Summer Special Menu at Punjab grill and departed with happy full stomachs  and lingering memories on our tastebuds. But not before clicking the group picture with the staff, chefs and team of Food bloggers.
Hip Hip Hurray !!!

CFET3dyUEAAsVE3.jpg largeAddress- Punjab Grill, Morya Landmark-II, Off Andheri New Link Road, Mumbai
Number- + 91 -9769611484

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(The author was invited by FBAI and Punjab Grill to review  Summer Special food Menu  and dined there on invitation)