Finding HAPPINESS !!

Everyone wants to be happy in this world, but few really know what they are looking for. My idea of happiness is to find those small simple things in life that make me smile and get a feeling of elation even if it is momentary. If there’s a certain person in our lives that makes us happy, we need to find a way to spend more time with them. I’m in the exact same boat as everybody else. I want to live, and I want my life to be happy. I get super happy sing and rhyme the lines I write, so here goes the  poem I penned that sum up my ideas on happiness.


High to low then ups to down,
  lifes a roller coaster from smiles to frowns.
Raindrops give me joy,
and so does a squeaky soft toy.

A rose, a song, a chuckle, a wink, 
A hug, a SMS, a handshake, a drink,
An email, a doorbell, a parcel, a smoothie,
A long drive, a rainbow, a jingle, a movie.

All these are the simple reasons to be happy.
This happiness is more than the value of money.
Happiness can be found in a silly joke,

or even a chilled bottle of COKE.
Happiness for me is the chirping of birds,
And chicken biryani with a dollop of curd.

My Life is a present, I treasure it, dont you?
I have my own rules, and break them too.
We waste our time trying to find happiness in things we desire,

We need to remember to be happy and be active like a live wire.
So live life kingsize and to the fullest,
Keeping your feet on the ground.

Happiness will knock on your door,
and beg to be be around.
Happiness be mine forever,
Happiness don’t leave me ever.

Childhood is the most happy period of our lives. When we have the love of parents and elders, totally carefree having no tensions of earning money. Those Happy days with friends, about the “naughty” things and the fun things we had together.  Those will always be the most happy days of my life. Later in life comes the institution of Marriage. Have you ever wondered where happiness disappears after marriage? And why it does? What happens to it after two loving hearts united themselves in the bonds of matrimony? You need to face all the problems together, and talk it out rather than argue. Overall, only optimum combination of factors analyzed could guarantee the happiness in family life. The most happy Moment in my life would be the day my daughter was born.That bungle of crying joy which I held in my hands for the first time, that feeling of extreme happiness I experienced, I cannot express how I felt in words. Happiness to me is complete love and understanding of the being that you are, and the soul that you have. When a person understands the purpose of their life, they are contented, and therefore, happy forever. 🙂

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