Never to late to start a new life!

Teaching is considered a noble profession and a teacher is a living example for the students to follow. Being a teacher was too ordinary a profession for a dreamy, introverted girl like me. Getting married at the age of 18 and being a mother at the age of 20, teaching for me seemed to be the best profession at that time. I entered Kindergarten along with my daughter. It was going to be a two way street for us both. I was certainly happy to be amidst innocent  toddlers running, singing and playing around me. It  was my profession now.

All set for my Kids
All set for my Kids

The outlet for my creativity, reflected in my teaching aids, methods and constant desire to upgrade my skills. I never resisted change and happily accepted what came my way. I got the added benefit of free education for my daughter who studied in the same prestigious school. I would further like to add that my mom was a teacher in the same school and having passed my Std X there too, it was now my turn to give back what I had received.
However my routine mundane life was getting to be quite boring. Having to do the same thing that is teaching. I get  up early in the morning, completing all my household duties and trying  to reach school on the allotted time given was my top priority. When in school I  prepared lessons with great care and remains busy during the hours I worked.
” To teach is too touch a life forever” To touch their lives forever, I need to spend time quality time getting to know them. I’ve been on the search to further develop my education and knowledge especially on the computer. There is a vast world out there waiting to be tapped. This only helped me grow and enhance my teaching skills. I scan  through the net, browsing  Pinterest, Google, and searched high and low for new and exciting things to incorporate into my school setup. Worksheets, new songs, poems, power point presentations were now easy for me. I stumbled upon twitter and started tweeting just for fun. My followers increased along with my social media contacts. Contests became a passion and hashtags took over my spare time at home.

making cake pops at a food event
Making cake pops at a food event

TV was only to view at night and afternoon sleep I said a bye-bye. I am happy to connect with former students on Facebook, some of whom are already parents, who tell me how significantly I affected their lives. Social Media has changed my life. My experimenting with blogging too got results as people started appreciating my posts. I got called for restaurants and food reviews for my honest opinion. So here I stand today, a much Happier, positive and experienced person.
Happy that life taught me those lessons I discovered.
Happy to learn the law of impermanence.
Happy to learn that craving leads to misery.
Its time to start a new Life.
Time to Meet @sweetAnnu
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