Testimonial for my Sister

The power of sisterhood binds girls together with their immense amount of love for each other. As sisters grow they learn from each other, they guide one another through life, teaching each other morals and values.
Where do I begin about my kid sister? My sister Farzeen will always hold a special place in my heart, and nothing that may come our way can change that. We grew up in a close knit family in those days where we didnt have video games and so much TV to view. We had each others company and were best of friends.

My kid sister and me
My kid sister and me

We shared many of our toys and stationary, though sometimes I was displeased at the way she treated my things. The best part of our childhood days were when we moved to Bandra in a sprawling 1000 sq feet apartment overlooking the sea. We would run over to the balcony everytime we heard an overhead plane fly by, and slide down the banisters of our staircase. Pranks we played were many too. Ring the doorbell of the neighbours and run away and throw water balloons on passerby on Holi day. I cant help but smile when I recollect all of these. We still do have our crazy moments when she visits. We shop on Hill road and have coffee at Candies. I remember having a mince roll for just Rs 12/- at that time. Now its a whopping Rs 80/- but I am not complaining. The taste is just the same and the memories are worth much more.

Some say we look like twins
Some say we look like twins

Having a sister is both a gift and a curse anyway you look at it. A sister is great to have because no matter where you go or what you do, you will always have a best friend and companion for life. And because she’s family, your sister has to accept you for who you are. I would like to wish Farzeen a very ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and all the best for a bright and successful Future.

Remember our trip to Marriot- Chakan
Remember our trip to Marriot- Chakan

A small poem I wrote for her
You love coffee,
And I love  tea,
our tastes are different
But there is similarity.
Its always fun,
in your company,
We’ve shared so much as children
the tears, the joys, the pain
A lifetime spent together
those memories remain.
dear sister I thank you
for being there for me
You are very special
You are part of my family.
I also wrote a small testimonial for my sister here –> http://scribzoo.com/testimonial.php?id=2112


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