High Five for Pepsi

It is always seen that cricketers like to try their skills off the field in acting even if they say a simple line in a TV commercial selling Banyaans and energy drinks. Kya baat hai? Gossip spares nobody, everyone gets caught up with it. I thought I should not pay attention to my colleagues at work who were discussing a YouTube video they saw. At home when I was browsing through the net I viewed this juicy YouTube Pepsi video they were talking about and couldn’t wait to join in the next day. Here is that Hilarious link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fajc2GSsTs8. I truly enjoyed viewing it, you must watch it too.

The best is yet to come- Anurag Basu
The best is yet to come- Anurag Basu

There is something about this video that had me thinking aloud. The introduction had Four biggies of Bollywood- Anurag Basu, Ranbir Kapoor, Terrence lewis, Pritam Chakroborty. All big names in their own gendres, However one odd man out. And no guesses who the 5th Man is?Yes it was apna daring, tough and fiercely talented, Virat Kohli. What was he doing in the TVC? Hmmm!  Interesting enough. He has a grand persona on the field striking the ball for those fours and lofty hits above the fence for a six. Now that he has everything going his way, what is he auditioning for? Is it possible that this is Virat auditioning for Anurag’s next? That too just a couple of days before the start of the World Cup?

WooHoo! Apna Virat Kohli
WooHoo! Apna Viraat Kohli

He will sing on the tunes and lip synch songs on the tunes of Pritam. Cool!! He will dance on the beat of Terence lewis. Cooler!! And The final whip in the directors hand of Anurag Basu. The coolest!! Is Ranbir going to be second Fiddle in the film? Pata nahi yaar. All we can do is guess.

Coming to the film, it was one that got me giggling and watching it again and again. Ranbir was the limit, I laughed at  those naughty quirky comments each he was making. Ranbir insisted he was a Putla of perfection. Some funny comments on his muscles too and doing his own stunts. Haaa!  What a hilarious Film Man!
Each one saying they are the best in this Pepsi teaser. And cherry on the cake is Viraat by saying every time” Chakka kisne Maara?” The one liners by Ranbir are getting me so much curious to see the actual film.

Ranbir while Shooting for Pepsi Commercial
Ranbir while Shooting for Pepsi Commercial

However Terence keeps saying if it is not for him, no one could dance so well. And Anurag is confident of making a super entertaining film. Aur pritam bhi?? Even he is thinking there is no one better than him in the film. “YEH MERI FILM HAI” sab bol rahe hai.
So you can’t wait right ? To watch the actual Pepsi commercial? Nor can I. However I am not spilling the beans but there is a super climax at the end,
You will be screaming and shouting for more just like me. Till then, Just chill and have a Pepsi.


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