The Art of Gifting

We all like to feel special and moreover feel so when someone gives us a gift. We like getting gifts from other people and we do not forget those moments during our lives. This period between Diwali and New year I get many joyous  moments where I can express my sentiments and love towards my loved ones and family and give them meaningful and thoughtful gifts that they will treasure and remember me with.

Everyone likes to receive gifts
Everyone likes to receive gifts

I also believe that receiving a gift is something delighted and memorable. There are many gifts that I still remember, although I got them many years ago. I still remember them with joy because they remind me of my happy childhood days. How can I forget my dad who gifted me “Annabella” a pretty doll with long eyelashes and a white gown.
This festive season I decided to give out meaningful and happy presents to my NEAR AND DEAR FAMILY.

Dad, Mom, Sis and me

It is also difficult to find a appropriate gift for my Father. He always feels shy to accept expensive gifts as he has always been a giver all his life. This is when I discovered the Website is where I found him a perfect gift. My dad loves to keep notes and solve puzzles, hence I chose for him the Rubic cube note book.

Personalized Rubic Cube notebook
Personalized Rubic Cube notebook

This one of a kind notebook literally changes colours in front of you! The special 3-D effect is revealed as the book is tilted slightly to show changes in the colours, as if the cube was really being moved. This double sided notebook contains 160 pages and can be personalised with his name ” Captian Soli Irani ” here is the link

For my Mommy who is sweeter than Honey I will get her this Organic Honey bath set that she will simply love. The bath set contains Bath shampoo, conditioner, lotion & handmade soaps with organic honey for a pampering bathing experience which she truly deserves. here is the link

Organic Honey Bath Set

I am so impressed with The Cherrytin site as it is easy to follow. It gives you gifting options for all ages, and occasions. With Christmas round the corner, It is the season to be merry tra-la- la -la – la !!
A thoughtful , healthy and well appreciated gift I discovered on the site is the Treasure chest  

Exotic Variety of Teas
Exotic Variety of Teas

Teabags in six classic & contemporary flavours that come packed in a beautiful wooden gift box. This beautiful dark wooden tea box has six compartments containing 10 tea bags each, of the following six flavours – Pride of Ceylon , Rose, Peach, Peppermint, Carmoline and Earl Grey. Sister dear Hope you like your gift and we have many happy tea toasting and tasting sessions together.
My precious and beloved Husband and daughter deserve a special thoughtful gift too and thanks to cherrytin I dint have to go to any far off mall or crowded bazaar I did it in the comfort of my home. I got my husband the best quality of  rare but tasty combination of nuts and dried fruits, each offering a different sensation – lucsiously sweet Afghani Figs, spicy and crunchy Pepper Cashews and refreshing Paan Masala Raisins.

Best gift for all occasions

Zenia is getting a exquisite pair of earrings she will always remember me with in any part of the world she goes. I know she loves silver just like me so here is mummy gift to you, Tuquoise coloured Swarovski Pearl is seen in all its glory in these round drop earrings. The turquoise pearl hangs at the end of sterling silver hammered work.

A Girl loves to receive jewellery

I hope my dear family is happy with my selection of gifts. After all to give a gift to the ones you love and to see the glimpse in their eyes when they receive it is the best part of a  human relationship.


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