Trident Food Trails from ‘Coast to Coast’

Foods of India are better known for its masalas – spiciness. Throughout India, be it North or South, spices are used generously in food preparations. But Coastal states make great use of these spices, seafood and coconut and serve their dishes with a sense of great pride. This was exactly my perception when I was visiting the Trident Hotel- BKC… for a gastronomic feast during the Coast to Coast Festival which is currently  on till the 22nd of November.

The Trident by Night- Photo Credit Trident
The Trident by Night- Photo Credit Trident

From the coastal state of Gujarat, going Southwards till Kerala  and then  up again to the coastal state of  West Bengal, the dishes were well planned in a daily menu so that the diner gets the best experience of the #CoastToCoast festival.
A lovely welcome awaited us at the hotel lobby by the pianist who  played some of my all time favourite tunes.

The Entrance at 022
A welcome signage at the 022

The 022 Restaurant is situated at the ground level of Trident. It is huge and has a circular layout with ample seating arrangements for both large and small groups of diners. The restaurant had a good buzz and was full at dinner time. It was so thrilling just taking a round of the Buffet and soaking up the aromas of dishes before being seated at a quiet corner table over looking the outside garden.

All set to savour the yummy coastal food
All set to savour the yummy coastal food

By now,  I just wanted to dig my fork into a plate of well spiced seafood starters. We were politely visited by the restaurant manager, he asked us for our drinks and starters. A portion of each promptly arrived at the table. The Mandeli fry was piping hot, crispy and went well with the mint chutney. Veg. samosas and mini corn tikkis were a delight but I didn’t want to fill myself as  Kolkata and Kerala were calling out to me… taste me, taste me!

Corn Tikkis and Samosas
Mini Corn Tikkis and Veg. Samosas
Mandeli fry and Chicken Tikkas
Mandeli fry and Chicken Tikkas
Polished off in no time
Delicious Mandeli fry-Polished off in no time


The Farsans could not be missed as I did nibble on Dhoklas and Patras when I took my second round of the Buffet layout.

Soft Delightful  Delicacies  of Gujarat
Soft Delightful Delicacies of Gujarat

Yummy Salad Counters for the diet conscious. I had a wee tiny bit of Pepper Prawn aur Aam Salad. It was a fine blend of crunchy soft prawns with distinct flavours of pepper seasoning.

Colourful feast for eyes too
Another Salad I relished
Yet another chicken salad I relished


I am going to enjoy my fish cravings to the fullest. Simply wanted to dive into the pot of Malabar prawn curry but controlled myself. For the main course I had Macher Jhol with steamed white rice. The staple food of Bengalis is the yummy combination of rice and fish. Usually, the Bengalis love eating varieties of fishes. It was truly so soft that it melted away in my mouth. Thumbs up to the well cooked dish.

Macher Jhol – Unforgettable dish for life


Comparatively, the Prawns Koliwada tasted less spicy  for my liking.

Prawns Prawns all the way
Prawns Prawns all the way

Though, I am not a big fan of Lamb meat which my husband is and he took a big helping of Mutton Kolhapuri.  A spicy Maharashtrian  gravy based mutton recipe where marinated mutton pieces are cooked to tender in tangy tamarind juice and Indian spices which provide the necessary ting, flavour and aroma to the recipe…..a perfect winter preparation. Full marks and Kudos to the Chef for this delightful dish.
It was dessert time for me. We had the pleasure of sampling the Cheena Pada from Odisha and Rasgulla from West Bengal.

Sweetness Personified
Sweetness Personified

The dessert counter had an array of excellent bite sized platter . Each dish was a visual treat to the eye and huge on tempting flavours. I tasted the Pannacotta . It was ‘heaven in a glass’ delicate, smooth and not so sweet. Slurrp!

What shall I choose from the Dessert Counter?
What shall I choose from the Dessert Counter?
The assortment of Yummy desserts I finally picked up
The assortment of Yummy desserts

For the Mumbaikars, one more gastronomical extravaganza this year, seeking to highlight the unique coastal culture and presenting to you the best of dishes from each coastal state to savour and relish, at the Trident – BKC.

Venue: 022 , Trident Hotel, BKC, Mumbai
Date: Till November 22 , 2014
Time: For Dinner 7 pm onwards
Price: Rs. 1970/- per person (plus taxes)
The staff at 022, both the F&B and Chefs were superlative in knowledge and desire to serve, adding the WOW factor to an already great experience. A big thank you to the management and staff at Trident for giving us this most memorable dining experience.

The Warm and Hospitable staff
The Warm and Hospitable staff

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