Dining Treats at the Cheval Bar & Restaurant

My visit to Cheval  was for the second time of the week to town and I was loving it. This time it was for a share of selective  Dining  treats at the Cheval Bar and Restaurant  chevalmumbai.com  during The Gourmet Week 2014 organized by  http://timescity.com. During restaurant week the Menus are specially curated by critics to highlight the best offerings from participating restaurants. The restaurants significantly offer better prices than the original menu.
(You could check out more information on www.restaurantweekindia.com)

And Who better to take along, but none other than my daughter Zenia Irani http://www.brandedbawi.com/ .

Climbing up that huge staircase and not expecting what’s in store. We got a warm welcome at Cheval reception and were guided to our booked table for the evening.

The staircase and entrance to the Restaurant

The staircase and entrance to the Restaurant

The atmosphere is lively and the Bar was a beautiful sight. We were given the Menu of the #GW2014 and my daughter and I decided to select one of each dish, so we get a taste of both the dishes on the Menu.

The Amuse Bouche was like a mini Sev puri only with lots of well cut cheese. The first bite and I let out a “Hmmmm”.


Real amusement for the Palate

The Smoked Tomato soup  was full of flavour which had that smokey aroma and taste.


Yummy Smoked Tomato Soup

I I loved my beetroot salad which was full of candied walnuts because it occasionally surprised me with the crunchiness and the sweetness combo.


You cannot beat this Beetroot salad

The Chicken skewers were little bland but tasted well with the dip .I especially loved the acidity in the Spanish Prawns and its presentation was truly awesome.


Chicken Skewers with Dip


Irresistible Spanish Prawns to die for

The next course was the Mains. I had the Lemon pepper chicken on a bed of Polenta.  It was well flavored and worked perfectly with the Polenta.The Polenta was buttery and it just melted away in the mouth.


Lemon pepper chicken with Polenta

Zenia had the steak , however I had a taste but found it  a little tough and not to my liking.


Minute Steak

The best course was yet to come, The desserts –  Crème brûlée was brilliant but the hit of the day was the Blueberry Vodka Sorbet.


I loved them both

Service was very good and I loved the decor of the inner dining room. It is spacious and warm. 


Well spaced out tables

A very good dining experience for families and fun time for party animals. it was a great dining experience. Thank you Timescity .com and chevalmumbai.com