Come WINE with Me

My love for wine started 27 years ago, when I got married into a family having a wine shop as the family business. I love wine and at first only knew the red type of sweet wine  i.e- red port wine.

I love wine for the sweetness , richness in colour and refreshing aroma .Some women love chocolates , jewellery and other precious objects but I love my wine .Wine makes me feel warm ,happy and full of love . Wine is had on happy occasions like weddings , birthdays , anniversaries etc. I still remember a Christain friend Genivieve and the free flowing wine on her wedding till date.

Our Gang of Girls Annual trip was Devlali this time and small town outside bustling Nashik City.However a day trip to Nashik was a must not forgetting the memorable experience of visiting ” SULA vineyards’

Sister Farzeen and me at the wine Tasting
Sister Farzeen and me at the wine Tasting                                                                                                                  

The drive way was beautiful and the excitement mounted as we had to wait for the next tour around the factory and vineyard . The breeze blowing was totally intoxicating and ambience was heavenly. Each wine was explained to us ,I learnt that their are so many types of times and each process in different and each wine is special . Red, white, rose and sparkling wine I tasted . Each one had to be swirling , smelt and then tasted delicately.


Fine wines & More on Facebook hosts many interesting tasting events and displays wines from all over the world for its buyers, also keep fans entertained with interesting wine facts and contests on Facebook . This definitely had me going to give my best and winning . A lovely Hamper came my way with loads of goodies and a big bottle of my favorite Sula Chenin Blanc, 2013.

My lovely Hamper
My lovely Hamper

FineWinesNmore situated at Andheri  host a variety of special events throughout the year – exclusively for their buyers. You can enjoy wine-tasting evenings, dinners and tours. India’s finest selection of family owned vineyards from around the world.A must visit for all .
My winning streak on Facebook ko Kissi ki ” buri Nazar ” na lage .OOH yes!! This time it was Beer and not wine ,a Beer Hamper I won with Craft Beer Hive , A community bringing you Handpicked selection of craft beers brought to India by Cerana. Beer not one of my favourite drinks because of the bitter taste and beer belly you get . Haa Haa !!But not this one . It is special – Estrella is well balanced , bubbly and so refreshing . I just gulped it down and my tastebuds were asking for more . Saturday Night with Prawns Koliwada , chicken Angare, and of Course ESTRELLA Beer.The icing on the cake was the awesome Hindi Flick – Kangana Ranaut’s Queen coming on Sony Tv . I brought the house down singing : hungama Ho gayya” on top of my voice. Thank you Craft Beer Hive for the generous 6 bottle Hamper.

Best Beer I had till date
Best Beer I had till date

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