Happy Father’s Day Daddujaan


Dear Daddy.
You are so very special to me,
you are truly the worlds best daddy.
I wish to thank-you on this Father’s day,
may you always be happy and gay.
This respect is so genuine n true.
I feel this for darling mummy too.
F- friend, philosopher and guide.
A- appreciative and always by my side.
T- together with Mom, a wonderful pair you made
H- honest to core, you taught us “this always Paid”
E- efficient forever as the years pass by.
R- reliable, gentle, a ready shoulder to cry.
Wish you a very happy father’s day.
You motivates me in every way.

Surprising me with your ability to fix a leaky tap, cook, and solve those difficult cryptic crosswords too. You sets an example of having a disciplined lifestyle and you are an inspiration to the family. I admit I love your sense of humour even though many around us don’t. Thank you daddujaan, all this time I expected you to step into my shoes but not once did I think about stepping into yours. It was due to life and all the lessons it taught me that made me realize how much love was there in our relation.
What I am thankful for is being born in this family and having you as a role model and inspiration to live my life to the fullest with good values and holding my head high. You have shown me the true Art of living my life with proper values and positivity.

My dad relishing Jalebi
My dad relishing Jalebi
Father dear Father šŸ™‚


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