My Eggless No-Bake Mango Cheesecake

“Mango season
Mango gives the reason
to try out something new
and fingers crossed
Its yummy Too “
I just had to try this out when my good friend/ neighbour  Shiraz Kishanchandani came for a month from Dubai and gave me this recipe . However I am always experimenting with ingredients and less sugar so here goes my simple and easy recipe for a no bake, no fuss , yummy, lip smacking Mango cheesecake


1. cream cheese -one block ( I used 500 gms hung curd)

2.whipped cream 250 gms

3.Mango puree 1 1/2 cup

4.sugar  i cup or Splenda according to taste

5. Gelatine 1 tbsp

6. hot water

7 digestive biscuits i packet

8. butter 100 gms


1. whiz the biscuits and  melted butter in the mixer till you get a coarse powder .Press down in the bottom of yr glass dish , cake tin ( lined with aluminum foil) or individual dessert glasses. refrigerate till you prepare the cheese cake mixture 

2.Whip the cream till light and fluffy and hung curd and whip again , set aside till you prepare the gelatine mixture

3.Add the gelatine to hot water with the sugar or splenda till completely dissolved .Add this to the mango puree and completely mix the two by hand.

4.Now gently combine the cream cheese mixture with the mango mixture with the cut and fold technique getting air inside . Put aside a little mango mixture before mixing for a two layer variation.Image” The biscuit base , whipped cream and mango /gelatine mixture in the picture “

5.Pour on top of the biscuit base . return to the fridge for 10-30 minutes . if you want to layer it . Add the set Sise mango to the remaining mixture , the colour will be brighter and put a second layer on the cheesecake

6. if you dont want to do this like me . just pour it all and set in individual glasses and decorate with piped mango puree or cut mango slices . Set aside for 8 – 10 hours in the fridge and then relish this delightful cold dessert.

To be honest the taste was just right not to sweet , not to sour , texture was smooth . I got the mango taste I wanted but dint get the authentic taste of a baked cheesecake . But none the less this recipe is worth trying