Mothers Day Out

Ever since I can remember,food has been an important common point bertween my daughter Zenia Irani and me. We have bonded over bhel puri dates,watching cookery shows together and going out to eat at new joints that open around Bandra.So when she asked me to join he and her fellow foddie bloggers on a special Mother-Daughter cooking event I could not refuse. The occasion was Mothers day and I was delighted to do something different. Yeah!!

I must admit that I am an average cook, I love to try new dishes and was mentally preparing what dishes I will cook on Sunday 11th May. Zenia kept telling me, “Mummy Don’t worry ,we will manage something. The whole idea is to have fun”I agreed on that point of hers.The official invite came  it was #MaaKeHathKaKhana by Food Bloggers Association, India (FBAI) and  sponsored by Real Good Yummiez and their range of Veg and Non veg products.

We had to reach a Place called the Palate Culinary Studio in Santacruz -west by 11 AM . On reaching I got introduced to a whole bunch of lovely people , a professional chef ,a food blogger and a Saas-bahu duo and many more interesting people related to Food n love for food . The studio was so pretty with all  latest cook-tops and equipment. Now my heart was racing fast. We were given the two main Yummiez products chicken sausages and Haryaali bites. We had to make two dishes and present them to Judge Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani .


Zenia And myself off to work cutting, chopping, peeling,  mixing washing and sauteing. The other groups too started at their work stations. We were like one whole big cooking family helping each other put on the gas sharing ingredients and of course giving advice.


( Zenia chopping Real Good Yummiez sausages)

We beautifully managed to make a spicy-sweet stir fried sausage dish. I kept tasting to check the spice, seasoning and wanted my dish perfect. Served it in a Kadai rather than a glass dish and garnished it with sliced tomatoes.


( Our Parsi -style inspired dish which we called sausage nu Patiyo )

By this time Chef Vicky Ratnani had come and each one of the contestants were plating up. We made a hung curd dip with mango, garlic, basil and coarsely ground pepper to serve up with Haryaali bites , I squeezed out a special message on the serving dish for Zenia


( Haryali bites served up with garlic-mango dip and a special message for Zee )

20 year old Chef Mohit Chotrani went up first and explained about his dishes. Chef asked a few questions and tasted . Zenia then told Chef about our creations , he loved the patiyo but wanted us to do something more with the haryaali bites and not just serve it with a dip. Create a  bhel or mix it with mayo and create something. Hmmmm . Point taken Chef!!


( All smiles for the Camera )

Judgement time-
Food blogger Purvi Naha was declared the winner but guess what, ZEE AND ME WERE THE RUNNERS UP . That was so so exciting. Lots of pictures taken and cameras going click click but best of all I liked my experience of facing the camera . Lights Camera Roll sound- Action. Loved the special hamper we got from Real Good Yummiez .