Girls gang Panjgani

The was a well deserved break we all took, away from the maddening city for some quiet quality time. The due date was approaching and each day added to the excitement, plans being made on phone and organizational skills to the test .

The destination was nearby Panjgani keeping in mind the time constraints , and varied age group of our all Girls group . Three generations taking a pleasure trip together My aunts Pervin and Teena , sister Farzeen , daughter Zenia and then me.

The Parsi Owned Hotel Mount View

The Parsi Owned Hotel Mount View


The rail journey started in the wee early hour at 5:30 AM. We settled down and polished off the chicken sandwiches and coffee . From Pune station we transferred to our AC sumo to take us up the winding Ghats . We all looked out eagerly like little children and admired what the view offered us stopping to take some pictures to later upload on Facebook.

The rustic and wild trek

The rustic and wild trek

All reached Panjgani-Mount View Hotel in one piece with minor backache after the bumpy ride on Indian roads .Mount View is run by a Parsi family. It has modern amenities yet charmingly rustic . We settled in two rooms and later enjoyed the yummy lavish meal of Fried chicken, dhansak -rice, cutlets, roti , stew and cachumber. yet had place for fruit custard.

The fresh evening air gave us energy to walk to the local Agyari and market to get our evening supply of snacks and drinks for an all night card party. We had a lovely sing song session under the stars in our pajamas.


Catch the setting sun

I got up much earlier than the others, thanks to the band of birds who insisted on waking me up .I found a little pathway beside the hotel and decided to venture down, treading carefully on the dried fallen leaves that made a crunchy sound . I was scared of a hidden snake but happy to not encounter any. To my surprise I saw houses below perched on the corner of the cliff and a campsite with tents and a burnt out campfire. I waited and did some deep breathing exercises filling up my lungs with pure unadulterated oxygen. Wish I had my camera to capture the sunrise above the hill over powering the dark shadow to lighten up the green fields

Wish I had my camera to capture the sunrise above the hill over powering the dark shadow to lighten up the green fields below.

The next two days were filled with sightseeing , shopping , gossiping, savoring ice creams n milkshakes . The highlights of our trip was the Visit to the MAPRO strawberry festival and discovering Aamir Khans Bungalow just next to our hotel.

We shopped for channa , chicki, jams and strawberries all to take back to our families .Memories packed along with bags and loaded on the Neeta Travel Bus back to MUmbai was very saddening but reality had to be faced. Hoping to take another trip with my wonderful Gang of Girls